Tuesday 4 November 2014

Black Swan Opening, Leeds

When I think of Leeds a few words automatically spring to mind:

~ shopping
~ busy
~ trendy
~ bars

But I don't think I would ever immediately link a friendly (not that Leeds isn't friendly - it's welcomed me with open arms!) more traditional pub with Leeds - especially not one on the very popular Call Lane - but that is exactly what I got when I was invited along to the opening of the new pub, the Black Swan.

Could such a place actually work and fit in though, surrounded by the many cocktail bars that neighbour it?

Well after my visit, I can now, very safely say that yes, it really does work - and very well too.

The Black Swan is decorated brilliantly - comfortable yet fashionable with a mis-mash of seating all different styles and materials which blend perfectly together.

From the paintings on the wall to the beer bottle vases on the table, everything hints at relaxation and cosiness.

As for our evening, well we were presented with a drink on arrival (which I wasn't a fan of to be honest - but each to their own) - alcoholic and non-alcoholic options were available - and were then treated to a fab pizza making lesson.

The very friendly staff invited two people to pop behind the counter and have a go at making a pizza themselves and the lovely Sammie jumped at the chance...and she was so obviously in her absolute element.

After a few quick minutes in the huge, blazing pizza oven, we were allowed to taste the results of the ladies hard work - and my goodness they did a very good job


Then, with food still in mouths, we were whisked upstairs to the second floor for a cocktail making masterclass, where we were talked through, and then shown how to make a few of the Black Swan's offerings...

An Espresso Martini was first up...

...and then next was an amazingly fruity smelling Mai Thai...

I had a teeny sip of each, whilst everyone else was treated to a glass or two of each one (how very generous), and - wow - they were strong...very lovely, but oh-so very strong...

Unfortunately for the designated drivers like myself, it was strictly water only (boooo!) until I was taken pity on by the lovely PR ladies and was brought a fantastic, fruity non-alcoholic cocktail that the lovely bar staff sent upstairs for me...

It was amazing

Drinks in hand, we were then talked through the concept of The Black Swan by the owners themselves...

...and were then given a mini tour of the building.

The outside decking area will certainly be amazing once it is finished and will be the perfect place for enjoying late Summer afternoon drinks with friends.

Once we ventured back inside, it was clear to see that the pizza oven had been extremely busy - pizzas were sent up to feed us all whilst we put our (some more alcohol fuelled than others) brains in gear for the pub quiz.

Yep - an actual, genuine, very traditional pub quiz.

Fun, Fun, Fun

But lets just say, Sammie now knows to not ever have me and my rubbish general knowledge brain as a quiz partner ever again

I really am that bad.

But hey-ho, ability aside, it certainly was the best ending to an amazing evening.

I had a brilliant time and I will certainly be heading back to the Black Swan again.

Who knows, maybe I'll become a regular and the staff will learn my tipple of choice and make me feel all special when they greet me by name.

Thanks for having me Black Swan - I can't wait to come back

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