Saturday 22 November 2014

Pandora - #PANDORAwishes - Leeds

Like most people, I do love pretty things, nice jewellery being high up on that list of loves.

I was very obviously thrilled to be invited along to an exclusive VIP event earlier this week at the amazing Pandora store on Briggate in Leeds

I just adore all that Pandora has to offer and already have a charm bracelet and some very meaningful charms - that I can't help but continue adding to - and I have two very pretty rings...but I'm hoping to, very soon, have three when my upcoming birthday arrives...

They are all just so amazing.

*fingers crossed*

So yes - I was extremely excited for this event.

Even more so when I noticed that the amazingly beautiful celebrity couple Louise and Jamie Redknapp would also be attending.

...and that the host for the evening was to be none other than Sarah-Jane Crawford
(who also showed off her amazing DJ skills)

~ Just how stunning is this lady though ~

So - why all the fantastic celebs?

Well, Pandora have enlisted the help of the fab celebrity couples to become their brand ambassadors to bring to life their "Pandora Wishes" - #PANDORAwishes - campaign

#PANDORAwishes is all about letting others know exactly what our Pandora Wish would be, ideally by using the wish list option that Pandora so kindly offer on their website.

And this is what Jamie and Louise expressed to us...after milling around, taking photographs and posing for umpteen selfies that is
(such lovely people!)

The twosome took to the stage where they discussed gift buying for each other - in particular, how Jamie makes sure he gets his pressie choices just right for Louise...

...he sometimes needs a little helping hand...

And that is where the usefulness of the Pandora Wish List service comes in so handy.

By choosing the things you love yourself, in all the correct sizes, the wish list can be sent to other people so that there is no mistaking the things that you really really want.

Those all important gifts should be spot on every time.

Naturally (of course!), I created my own wish list and I think the Hubby has taken note already...

...well, my birthday is in ten days so I'm hoping that he has...

Anyway, it was such a lovely event, Jamie and Louise were just perfect.

...and gorgeous...

~ s w o o n ~

All of the staff were friendly, the drinks - alcoholic and non-alcoholic - were plentiful and so were the very fancy, and very tasty nibbles the lovely, smiley waiters kept plying us with
(Well Done Lads!)

And trust me when I say, one of those special white Pandora bags would definitely make the best Christmas gift.

How do I know?

I just do!

Happy Shopping and Happy Wish List creating

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