Wednesday 5 November 2014

StressFreePrint Do Christmas

I've just read something that seriously made my eyes widen in a slight moment of shock.

There are seven weekends until Christmas.

Yep - that's right - just seven weeks.

Wow - how crazily fast has this year zipped by.

It is now time to start thinking about Christmas decorations, gift buying, wrapping paper and all that other festive malarkey business.

I really can't wait.

And thanks to StressFreePrint (find them here) I now have a set of brilliant Christmas cards to get my preparations in full swing.

But wait -  these are no ordinary cards - oh no - these are a bundle of personalised Christmassy cards.

Fab eh.

Now I did think (of course) of personalising my cards with the whole Husband, Child and Two Cats theme going on to try to make something special to give out to our nearest and dearest...until I realised that our up-to-date, all-together-as-a-family photo collection is seriously lacking.

Unless you count the "few" selfies I have tucked away on my phone that is...but great-aunts ain't ever appreciating those arm-length, silly-faced pictures on any card - let alone a Christmas one.

And then I had a brain wave (they do happen from time to time) and decided that I would email two pictures relating to my blog over to the lovely StressFreePrint people and wait to see what Christmas themed loveliness they could come up with.

The process was just so easy - I emailed the photos, choose the theme - Christmas, naturally - and then, well, I just waited.

...and not for very long either...

After a few days I was sent a proof-read type email to check everything was OK and then within days after my order had been processed, then dispatched, I was delivered a box full of these lovely things

I even had an option to add a pre-printed message inside of the cards too, which certainly helped save time, not having to write out lots of the same message over and over again

I even had a little "Married To A Geek" emblem adorning the back of the cards too

How very fancy

I really do love these cards and can't wait to get them sent out.

Oooh - something else I really need to mention is the delivery company that StressFreePrint use for their products - wow - just fantastic.

Once the parcel has left the depot, there is an option to keep a track of it on a little map on-line - it even shows which number drop the package will be and the number the driver is currently up to.

But even better - about half an hour before my delivery time I realised that there was no way I would be home in time to collect the box.


Rather than stress, worry and flap, I simply clicked on the parcel link and left the driver a quick message telling him to deliver my package elsewhere.

How amazingly fab and easy is that - no more annoying missing parcels.

Thank You StressFreePrint - these cards are just great.

Now to work out who will be receiving one...

* cards sent to review and enjoy. All words and thoughts are my own

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