Wednesday 7 January 2015

A Few Recent Home Buys

I think I possibly mentioned just before Christmas last year (as in 2013) in a post somewhere that the festive season always brings on a need for me to improve, update or add something to my house.

I just can't seem to help myself.

I have a real urge to give the tree and the pretty lights something new to look at each year - a nice, fresh feeling.

And this year (...last year? in the year 2014), trust me - it was certainly no different.

I simply had to go out and purchase new things.

It really couldn't be helped...

So anyway, as I was putting away all of the Christmas bits and bobs for another year over the weekend, I was given a whole new appreciation for the few little additions I had made - total spending justification in fact - because, lets face it, whose house doesn't look super bare and empty (but so lovely and tidy!) come January.

Mine always does so the new extra details really made me smile.

So...shall I show you what I added...?

Well, I'm going to anyway...

I should actually state now, before we go any further, that I have a bit of an obsession for all things Stag Head adorned.

I don't know why or where the obsession came from, my only explanation is that the second I bought my lovely, white, wall-mounted Stags head from Next a few years ago a "need to collect" was activated.
(I even have Stag covered PJs...)

Anyway, it goes without saying that these Matalan cushions were to be mine.

Well, they certainly fit my criteria perfectly...

I have three of them and the colours complement my black/white/grey (it isn't as drab as it sounds honestly!!) living room colour scheme perfectly.

They cost £12 each - although I did have a small discount (thank you members card!) - and I do now believe that they are in the sale (typical)

Next up - another stag shaped addition was purchased - this time from Asda Living.

I think this little guy was £12 too and despite him looking like a soft, knitted, woollen teddy type thing, he is actually a "real" ornament.

I love him and did actually have my eye on him waaay before Christmas - and he is now mine.

I also grabbed this heavy-looking-but-suprisingly-light black candlestick (which, again, I have seen in the sale recently) from Asda and naturally had to buy a candle to sit on top...which is never to be lit:
"It's just for fancy!!"

Both match the colour scheme, fit in perfectly and were exactly what I was looking for.


And of course I love candles too - who doesn't!

I think they add a real warm, welcoming feeling to any room - not to mention some amazing scents.

I have a Yankee Candle burner so I have bought about a zillion wax melts over the festive season, as well as gingerbread candles in tins, fruity candles in glasses, spicy candles in jars - the list is endless - but I am now in need of some new ones actually...

...the Hubby will be pleased...

And then last but by no means least is another little stag, but this one is actually really tiny...I just couldn't leave him out...

My step-mum bought me a "I saw this and thought of you" gift over Christmas and it was this...

...a fab, ceramic Christmas stag tree decoration.

How thoughtful!

Needless to say I was pleased, and naturally this wasn't getting shoved away until next year with the rest of the decorations, so he is currently hanging from the antler of my wall mounted Stag's head.

I'm sure he won't mind...

~ Slightly obsessed?

~ Slightly crazy?

Quite possibly...

But I love my new little additions oh-so much

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