Saturday 10 January 2015

More Shopping & This Time It's Primark

I realise that my last post was a "come see what I bought" kind of a post, and thinking about it now, perhaps having another shopping post straight after it wasn't the best idea.

Perhaps it doesn't offer up a whole lot of variation...

But we all love a good shop every now and again don't we...

And everything featured in this post was from Primark - so were obviously total bargains...

And I figured no-one would mind really - well not too much hopefully... I decided to write it anyway...

As with many a person, I'm certainly a huge Primark fan and I know that if I ever step inside it will only be on a very rare (near on impossible) occasion that I don't wander back out, arms full with their brown paper bags
(which usually die a horrible, torn-up death on the way home I should add)

So what did I buy recently?

If you know me then you will know that my absolute favourite thing to do is to lounge.

I can't help it - I'm just happiest with my feet up, my comfy clothes on, son by my side and a good movie on the TV.


And as I have recently discovered, Primark do the best range of PJ bottoms I have ever seen - and for a next to nothing price too.

Which is always a bonus.

So much of a bonus in fact that over the festive period, I ended up with six brand new pairs of PJ bottoms - all costing about £5 each

Even though I am a size 10, I bought them all in the next size up (a 14-16) and they fit like an amazing, relaxed, comfy dream.

I mean what is the point in having really overly tight, restrictive pyjamas?

That is just not comfort in my book, and certainly not what PJs are all about.

Not one little bit.

With each pair of bottoms, I headed downstairs to the men's clothing section and picked up one of the bargainous plain t-shirts, in a baggy size medium, in a colour that matched for just £2.50.

Comfort overload for a total of just £7.50 per outfit.

No wonder I keep popping in eh!

There have obviously been a few occasions when I have had to get into some sort of appropriate people-seeing attire and Primark offered up more lovely treats perfect for this too.

I bought my first jumpsuit recently - not actually from Primark - it was black and very plain, and if I'm honest, kinda comfy-pyjama-like (woohoo!).

I decided to wear it recently to our traditional family Christmas outing to a lovely local restaurant.

Primark, as always, solved my "no shoes to match" dilemma when I came across these pretty, suede-effect pointed court shoes.

They were destined to brighten up that plain jumpsuit weren't they!

Especially when teamed with an exact colour-match clutch bag that I found in the Dorothy Perkins sale for only £10.

The £9 shoe price tag also meant that I could easily justify buying myself another pair as well...

...after all, I needed a more "go with everything" colour too didn't I...

And now - I have them

I'm a shoe size six but sometimes heels can feel a little big on me.
I tired the smaller size - just to be sure - and it was a squeeze, so I stuck with the size six and my toes very much thanked me for it at the end of the day.

I also couldn't resist picking up this statement necklace too

It was really cheap, looked fab with the black jumpsuit and orange accessories and set the look off perfectly.

I like it very much.

And for my more laid-back-but-have-to-get-dressed days, I found two perfect t-shirts...

...which cost about £8 each and were adorned with just the right amount of Harry Potter-ness to allow me to express my HP love wherever I go.

They are great, and I do know that there are more designs out there, I just haven't managed to find them in my local store...


I wonder what Primark treats I'll find next time

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