Sunday 25 January 2015

A Lil' Bit of Hate....

This was not today's intended post, nor was it something that I ever even thought I would write about.


Yep - hating

A very small, minute "incident" occurred last night that got me to thinking about this subject a little bit.

It was a little "hating on me and my blog" kind of an incident to be exact

* s o b *

Now, I know I'm not destined to write novels and I know that my writing will never earn me mega-bucks but it is something that I really enjoy doing.

It is something that I have always enjoyed doing actually - writing, reading and managing to get the things swimming around in my head out into the world to make some sort of sense - it's fab.

Which naturally means that I love my blog and I often wonder why I didn't delve into starting one a lot earlier than I did.

(...probably because I was oblivious to the whole blogging world and it's existence if I'm honest...)

But anyway, as with all things, everyone has to start somewhere.

And with all new and never before experienced tasks, surely it's OK to not really have a clue what's going on; to not be the absolute best and to then want to strive to do better...

...well that's what I tell my son anyway...
(and this poster is stuck on the side of my fridge permanently because I want him to know that this is very much so OK...)

And this is what my blog is to me - something I have developed and still am developing all of the time.

Which suits me just fine.

~ I invested in a nice new camera to make my photographs look better

~ I have a lovely laptop now to try and edit posts more efficiently

~ I spend more time reading and re-reading the things that I write

...all in a bid to improve the posts from my "early days"...

...some of which are a tad cringe-worthy with rubbish quality photographs I'll openly admit.

But as I said, my blog is a developing, evolving, work-in-progress - and I like that.

So why am I telling you all of this today?

Well, as I was looking over some of the early-days posts (and picking them apart myself) I found one - not one of my best I'll admit - which related to my Hubby, and because he has now started a blog himself (here) he decided to share my post in one of his hobby groups on Facebook.

Now the post in question was a very short, very tongue in cheek view of something that I know nothing about really, but at the time, I wrote my own mini account of it.

It was just a small section of my opinion on a subject

Now the "problem" stemmed from the fact that the members of the group that the post went to certainly did know a great deal about the subject within the content of my post

And yep - cue some hate

~ My first taste of blogging hate ~

And it made me feel not so fantastic to be honest

One person totally ripped apart my post and then my blog and then made comments to the fact that I was "very condescending"

How can one comment from one person I don't even know, and will never meet, make me feel so bloomin' lousy?

It's crazy

But it did

How all of the "big" bloggers and YouTubers deal with things like this on mass scale I'll never know

But after a little mope, I put it all into perspective:

~ it was one of my first ever posts and certainly wasn't my best

~ the negativity was one bad comment from one person

~ and, when all is said and done, it was just someone's opinion after all

We are entitled to our own thoughts aren't we.

And then looking past this, a lot of people (a hell of a lot of people actually) in the very same group as that one person did understand my viewpoint, and did say nice things about the post and they did realise that I was just being quite sarcastic and not serious at all...

So why on earth did I focus on the negative so much?

By writing posts, I know that I put myself out there - the things I write and the opinions I have will never please everyone or match up with all of the opinions of the world, and that is how it should be.

Everyone is different after all

But by writing and expressing my own thoughts and opinions, I don't think myself, or anyone who does this, should feel that they must be accepting of nastiness from others either.

Yet we all do have a right to express how we feel...

I'd really like to think that there is a way for us to be able to do this though, without being hurtful or nasty...

Either that or I grow a thicker "I don't care" skin

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