Tuesday 20 January 2015

Five Guys, Leeds - What Did I Think?

~ New Year ~

It goes without saying really that at some point there will be a fair bit of New Year Planning being put into action by a whole host of us.

There are certainly a fair few things I'm hoping to get out of 2015 that's for sure, and some of them do revolve around those normal, run-of-the-mill things that we all seem to want to try and make happen, particularly in the new year...

~ eat healthily and stick to a diet plan

~ join a gym (again) and go as often as possible

Well, those were some of my planned intentions anyway

But if I'm being brutally honest, I just can't be bothered with it all at the moment - not one little bit.

And I don't even know why.

...can I put it down to the really cold weather and say that this is what is forcing the mounds of sweet treats down my throat...

* s i g h *

Hey-ho, tomorrow is another day and all that jazz...

But whilst I was still well and truly stuck in the eat-everything-in-sight phase and wasn't even glancing in the direction of the put-the-food-down-right-now action I needed to take, I figured what the hell - I may as well just go for it.

And go for it I did - I popped along to the newly opened Five Guys in Leeds and I totally stuffed my face.

Go out in total burger style eh!

I have actually seen a lot of bloggers raving about this place and I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

I have to admit, I was quite impressed with the laid back, relaxed, All-American-Diner feel that it had about it.

It was really spacious, bright, open and obviously really very new and really very clean.

But I came a little unstuck when it was time to order.

Whilst the menu isn't extensive, I wasn't sure what I wanted or what was available or what I needed to add with what to get the best out of everything...

~ A R G H ~

I don't do too well with the unfamiliar...especially when the unfamiliar requires me to be quick.

I'll totally admit, I turned into one of those customers - the ones you never want to get stuck behind because all they do is "umm" and "arrr" and can never settle on anything.

Yep - that was me.

I think a part of me was a bit put off with the prices too though.

Paying around £8 for a burger was a little too much for me to handle - especially in a fast food place - but maybe that's just me and maybe I'm just really stingy...

But anyway, I opted to have a Little Cheeseburger which was just over £5 and added a little portion of fries and a regular drink into the mix, and I think it all totalled to just over £10...which I must admit, I still do think was a little expensive for a burger and chips.

...especially when you take in to account that for my little family of three to order this small meal (which wouldn't have been enough for the Hubby in any way shape or form) the cost would have been well over £30...

But like I said, maybe that's just penny-pinching, moaning old me being fussy.

What I did like was the fact that all of the food was prepared for everyone to see and that it was all obviously very fresh

Oh - and I liked that the burgers were called patties...very Spongebob-esqe

And I certainly liked the drinks machine.

Yes - the machine that provides the fizzy drinks (the refillable fizzy drinks may I add) was a tad special.

If you fancy a diet coke, simply select it on the touch-screen menu...but oh...wait one second...

~ will that be a diet cherry coke
~ or a diet vanilla coke
~ or maybe a plain diet coke

Or how about a diet Schweppes lemonade...

~ a fruit punch diet lemonade?
~ a strawberry diet lemonade?
~ an orange diet lemonade?

...you get the idea...

There were just so many unheard of drinks options contained in this one little machine...

The red Tardis of fizzy pop

It was fab and a definatite talking point at our table
(hmmm - does that make us sad....)

Now, I know I had my little moan about the cost of everything, but I have to say, I was really impressed with the quality of the food.

The patties were really tasty and had nothing "processed" about them in the slightest.

They weren't greasy or fatty at all.

My Little Cheeseburger had one of these patties inside and the bread bun was really soft and really yum
(hmmmm bread...)

I chose to have jalapenos and raw onions inside of mine...both of which I love...oh, and some tomato sauce too

I certainly did enjoy it

There were a whole host of extras available to add to it too depending on personal choice, and if I'm honest, if I hadn't felt under pressure (by myself) to pick something quickly then I would, without a doubt, have added more to mine and totally bulked up my burger as much as I could.

~ Greedy ~

The fries were amazing too and I felt that for the smallest of portions, I had loads of them.
And this impressed me no end.

They had a real "home cooked" taste to them - quite rustic, not greasy at all and were really, really more-ish.

Overall, I was happy with all of the food that I had and really enjoyed it.

The price is probably where I found my only issue...

...that and the fact that my friend had a little bit of an "unwanted table experience" involving a splinter, a pair of tights and a fairly un-helpful staff member...

But I don't really suppose that this would be something to happen on a regular basis everyday...

But it did put a little dampener on that section of our afternoon nonetheless.

I hope to be back at some point Five Guys - it looks as though the world (...well OK - Leeds...) certainly does love you

Let me know what you think if you have popped in to Five Guys before

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