Saturday 17 January 2015

How A Hair Novice Worked The Click N Curl Curlers

If you know anything about me at all then you will know that I don't mix well with hair styling.

My hair is fairly long (I recently had a few inch chopped off so it's not as long as it once was) and oh-my-goodness is it thick!

So thick in fact that this is part of the reason I have to keep it at such a long length.

When I was younger - in Middle School (yes - I am that old) - I had my hair cut into a bob.

With a fringe.

A very thick fringe.

...well you can imagine what happened can't you...

My hair just grew and puffed out, about as far away from head as it could go.

Which totally explains why I was given the amazingly kind nickname of "Mushroom".

How lovely

But looking back now, I can't really blame the kids for giving me such a glamorously lovely name (although obviously at the time it wasn't the best label to have) - I did look like a bloody mushroom!!

All thick fringed and chin length hair, expanding out about as far as it could possibly go

~ traumatic ~

I learnt that by growing my hair and keeping it long helped rid me of some of that horrific volume

The heaviness of my hair combined with such a long length helped to pull it all down and naturally stopped my hair puffing outwards as much.

It's been long hair ever since let me tell you.

But the thickness of it is still ever present and is still a total nightmare at times.

Which means washing, drying and styling is a huge Grade A pain in the behind and is the reason I very rarely do anything at all with my mop myself.

I would much rather pop to the hairdressers for an hour and have it all done for me.

Beautifully clean, smooth hair in no time - and with no stress.


However, there are those rare occasions when I have to give it a go myself.

And today was such a day.

I was well overdue a wash - my dry shampoo just wasn't cutting it - and I really wanted to give the box of Click N Curl's I had sat waiting a good old try.
(find them here)

I've had this pritty fancy box in my possession for quite a while now but my total inability to style my hair meant that I had to keep flitting off to the hairdressers and I just didn't get round to giving these a go.

But today was the day...

~ I opened the boxes

~ I read the instructions

~ I decided that the smaller red barrel curlers were for the front and the top of my hair and the large blue and medium purple sized ones would be used for the sides and the back of my hair

~ I had a plan.

~ My hair was freshly washed and semi-dry.

~ I sat down, Click N Curl's at my feet and set to work.

~ I clicked the handle into the first barrel, rolled it into my hair and pressed the release button....

But why I thought it would be easy - what with me being a total hair novice and all - I will never know.

I just couldn't do it.

The barrels wouldn't stay in my hair

~ I used smaller sections of hair.
~ I used larger sections of hair.
~ I used smaller barrels.
~ I used thicker barrels.


I got my hair all tangled up in them.

I sulked.

I gave up.

I stomped around the house - very much resembling a young, stroppy child.

I went and sat on the sofa, huffing and ate too much chocolate to ease my mood.
(chocolate has medicinal purposes don't ya know...)

And then I calmed down and put my adult head back on.

I went onto the Click N Curl website (find here) looking for hints and tips to help me and I came across this brilliant video

And help me out this did.

I was able to re-approach the abandoned Click N Curl's with a new sense of knowledge and found I was able to use them with no problem at all.

~ Miracle ~

I realised that before, I was putting the brush on the top of the strand of hair I was using and then was rolling the barrel and my hair back up and over the top of my hair.

What I realised I should have been doing was placing the barrel on the underside of the strand of hair and then rolling it up towards my scalp, but on the underside of the hair, rather than on the top of it.

Once I used this technique I was good to go.

I made sure I rolled the barrel close to my scalp - so that the bristles were touching my head - and I gave it a little wiggle to set it properly, then pressed the release button on the handle and the barrel - miraculously - stayed put!!

Being new to this hair styling malarkey, I put all of the curlers into my hair and then used the dryer to apply heat afterwards.

Drying, rolling, curling and clicking all at once just wasn't happening for me!

Not quite yet anyway...

I found that the barrels did get quite warm (so becareful) and it did take a little while for them to fully cool down, but I listened to the instruction video and made sure I waited.

Once they were fully cool, I rolled the barrels back up and out of my hair and was really pleased with the effect I had achieved in such a short time.

A nice, natural curl.

Of course I need more practise, but for a first attempt, I think I did OK.

As it turns out, the Click N Curl barrels are really easy to put in, to take out and they didn't tangle at all - when I knew what I was doing with them that is.

So the moral of today's story...

Make sure you follow instructions properly before you totally stress out.

I mean if I managed to use these and end up being really impressed with how easy they were and the effect that they created, then trust me, ANYONE can use them.

Daily curl adorned tresses, here I come

*product sent to use and review - words & pictures are all my own

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