Saturday 7 February 2015

Bundobust And A New Menu

It's not very often that myself and the Hubby get out and about on our own for any sort of a night out/night off/date night kind of thing

But we don't mind really, we much prefer spending time as a little group of three anyway - our son very much included.

But every once in while we feel we have to let our hair down a little.

And this is the exact position we found ourselves in earlier this week.

~ We were seated in a fab Leeds eatery

~ We had no child in tow

~ And we were actually making adult conversation

And it was really, really nice

Our venue of choice?

Bundobust in Leeds - the home of yummy, vegetarian, Indian street food
(find here)

I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of attending the opening event of Bundobust back in July 2014 (see post here) and I was very willing to pop back again.

This time it was to have a little delve into the all new food options making their way onto the menu, and I could not wait.

And from looking at the sheer amount of people sat around tucking in to the little pots of amazing looking and smelling food, neither could a lot of Leeds.

Bundobust is obviously a huge hit

It was standing room only inside when we arrived.

So busy in fact, that the only spare tables we found were situated outside

~ Eeek ~


Outside in minus one degree temperatures thanks...that kind of cold is not for me

But we had no choice - and outside we headed, and I was actually very pleasantly surprised to find that the little decked area was all under cover except for a teeny tiny gap in the roof.

And most importantly (for me anyway!) each table had it's own little overhead heater.

I was positively toasty
And for cold-phobic me, that really is saying something!

So, now we were seated, drinks in hand, having a chat, relaxing a little and having a gander at the exotic sounding menu

And then - our food dishes arrived...

Hmmmm...just how amazing does it all look - and trust me, it tasted even better

The Kachumber Sambharo (salad) was really yum and I'll admit, I do sometimes get a bit sick of the everyday "normal" bit of lettuce thrown about with a tomato and slice of cucumber, but there was nothing boring about this slightly spiced pot at all - even the Hubby was digging around mumbling about wanting more of the raw carrots.

Now rice could possibly be described as a staple food of mine.

I love it and eat it a lot and the Veg Rice Dry Fry was beautiful.

It was so tasty and everything that was cooked with it - the mushrooms, tomatoes and vegetables - were all perfect and seasoned beautifully

But then again, everything was.

One thing I'm not known for is a love of anything eggy or egg related (except cake - I love cake!) but I am starting to overcome my fear of it - very slowly - the older I get.

Obviously then, this scrambled egg dish - Egg Bhurji - didn't initially appeal to me...but that was initially.

First of all - well - it didn't look typically like egg really so I knew I could give it a good go.

And I'm glad I did

It was cooked perfectly - really light and quite fluffy - and because it was flavoured with chilli and coriander it was (obviously!) very nicely spicy and not "eggy" in the slightest.

It was served with yummy pieces of soft Italian flatbread too - and the two went together perfectly.

I could seriously get used to eating scrambled egg on a daily basis if it could taste like this dish all of the time.


Something else I could quite easily eat daily was the very lovely, very filling Dahl and Rice dish - a black lentil curry served with plain basmati rice

I think I "accidentally" ate way more than my half share of this...

~ s h h h h h h ~

Now for me, the most intriguing of the offerings had to be the Vada Pav, which was a spicy mashed potato "burger", fried and then served in an amazingly soft brioche bun covered with spicy red and green chutney

This put me in a little carb heaven - it was beautiful and I would certainly opt to order it again.

The mash was soft and fluffy - and really spicy - and everything else between the bun helped to complement it perfectly.

Hmmm - I loved it - and so did the Hubby...I think he was slightly tempted to go and order another one I must admit...

Even the spicy, salty green chilli on the side - which we were warned was very hot - was really tasty too.

And you may think that sharing all of these dishes between the two of us would have left us a tad peckish afterwards - especially with the levels of food my other half requires to fill him up - but nope - we were both really stuffed and couldn't eat another thing.

...well that was after we had polished off the full dish of Far Far though...

Far Far reminded me a little of a breakfast cereal visually, and they actually are shaped puffed wheat pieces, only these are savoury...and slightly spiced...and very, very more-ish.

I just couldn't help myself with them!

I really enjoyed my second Bundobust visit, and whilst I am usually a liker of meat I did not miss it at all throughout this whole entire meal.

All of the flavours worked together perfectly and the spices gave everything a beautiful little "kick" - nothing was lacking at all.

What's more, I really like the fact that Bundobust provide facilities for children and do have high-chair access if required.

We don't want to be alienating the kiddies now do we.

The staff were really friendly and helpful too, which is always nice...

And...what more can I say really...

...we totally cleared our plates - which has got to be a good sign, right...!
(the Far Far was demolished immediately after this picture too I must also point out)

Thanks for having us Bundobust

I shall see you again - very soon

* meal provided free of charge as a little Thank You from Bundobust - words & pictures all my own

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