Monday 16 February 2015

TanOrganic Self Tanning Oil - A Review

As we all know, over the weekend, it was time for that Heart's and Flowers, love-filled day that is Valentine's Day

Sound thrilled about it don't I...

Call me a scrooge if you must, but I don't really buy into the whole Valentine's thing that much anymore.

I mean...

~ Yes, I did buy my son a card and some heart-shaped chocolates for him to take to his "girlfriend" at his school disco

~ Yes, I did buy heart-shaped crumpets for him and Hubby for their breakfast

~ Yes, I did buy them both a Valentine's card 


~ Yes, if I hadn't had a card presented to me by the Husband then there is every chance that I may have spent part of the morning in a little sulk somewhere... OK then...

Maybe I do buy into it all a little more than I actually thought...

But not so much so that I'm willing to pay double the usual price to sit in an overly crowded restaurant, being stared at by the owners who are telepathically willing me to finish my meal so that they can sit others in my chair and begin the process all over again

Been there, experienced that before

And anyway, who needs all of those added extras when there are lovely companies out there, like TanOrganic who make the very kind decision to treat me to a lovely, luxurious box of Valentine's Day chocolates.

~ I mean come on - how very thoughtful is that ~

Especially when such a lovely, calorific treat was accompanied by a luxurious glass bottle of their fab looking self tanning oil too

It just gets better and better doesn't it!

As the name suggests, TanOrganic are an all natural, all organic brand who specifically make self-tanning products designed for people who crave a natural-looking, buildable tan but also want to have moisturised, nourished skin.

Personally though, I've always been a little weary when it comes to using self-tanning products if I'm honest

I've heard (and seen the orange faced results of) my fair share of streaky-body-horror-stories to put me off of it for a lifetime, and having a Grandad born in the West Indies, I'm lucky enough to have a complexion just the right side of not needing to fake tan so I have never bothered with it before.

But after suffering our brilliant British winter, consisting of months - and months - of freezing cold, snowy temperatures, it has meant that I have definitely felt the need for a little bit of a skin pick me up recently.

So when I received this product I just couldn't wait to give it a whirl.

Out came the razor for a good old (much required!) leg de-fuzz...

Out came the trusty exfoliator - a self-tan essential don't ya know...

And (unfortunately for you having to look at the pictures) out came the legs...

I followed the instructions to the letter, and applied a few sprinkles of the tan onto a tanning mitt and rubbed it across my legs in circular motions, trying to get the oil as evenly distributed as possible.

Novice or not, I do know that traditionally, tan is supposed to smell all distinctively nasty and very much like biscuits isn't it - or so I have heard anyway - but this oil was none of these things at all.

It is a fairly clear in colour and doesn't smell horrible at all - in fact it doesn't even have much of a scent, and the little bit that it does have isn't horrible in the slightest.

I made sure I pulled on some loose clothing after application (any excuse to stay in my PJs all afternoon!) and then I waited...

...and waited...

...and then went to bed, so I waited some more...

...and when I woke up I had legs that were really very smooth and fairly silky to the touch (thanks to the exfoliator/oil combo) and they were ever so slightly darker in colour.

I personally don't think I applied enough of the product for there to be a huge difference though.

Rookie mistake

But with this being my first ever self-tan experience I didn't want to risk having legs mis-matched in colour to the rest of my body but now I know what I'm doing I'm going to add another layer of the oil this evening to darken the effect a little more.

On the whole, I was really pleased with the product.

The tan that I did have was really even, was a lovely natural shade and there were zero streaky marks in sight

~ Yay ~

Thank You TanOrganic

...not only for the yummy chocolates...

...not only for the lovely bottle of self-tanning oil...

...but for giving me summer ready legs in the middle of winter!

I'll be leg-baring ready in no time

*product sent for review.Words, images & thoughts are all my own

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