Tuesday 17 February 2015

My Very First Berghaus Number

Is this weather ever going to warm up?

Even just a teeny tiny little bit?

Just enough to stop my toes from freezing off when I'm out and about carrying out all of the various outdoor activities we partake in over a weekend these days?

I really hope it does - and soon too.

At the moment, it's just all gusty winds, freezing temperatures and miserable showers isn't it.

And the worst thing about this?

I have to stand in a muddy field every weekend in all of this miserableness to watch my little lovely playing rugby.

Not that I'm moaning about watching him at all - I love him playing and it makes me so proud to see him doing so well...but...it's just the weather...the horrible, horrible weather...it certainly makes those early mornings all that harder.

But you have to just suck it up sometimes and get on with it don't ya.

And trust me, having the right (warm and waterproof) clothing really makes everything a whole lot more bearable.

And whadda ya know - look at what I now have...

...a brilliant waterproof jacket to help stave off all of those freezing British showers.

And what's more, this one is a women's Bowfell number too...one from those outdoor specialists-types Berghaus none the less...

~ Very fancy pants I know ~

Now, knowing that this would be more "jacket" and less "coat" I ordered a size larger than I usually take because I knew I would want to put a fair few layers underneath it to help keep me toasty, and this has proved to have been a very wise move - I now I have a little extra room to layer up as much as I need.

If I'm honest, I was a little worried that the jacket would be a funny length - I like to have my bum covered up as much as possible - and I initially thought that the jacket wouldn't do that, but I needn't have worried at all.

The slightly bigger size provided me with my much desired coverage, no problem

I really like the colour too - the dark grey will go with anything I happen to drag out of my wardrobe early on rugby mornings and the fuchsia pink just brightens it all up a little bit.

And come on - who doesn't love the colour pink!

The lining is all pink and is a definite winner of a colour choice in my book.

What also helps to make this jacket a tad special is that it is Gore-Tex laminated - meaning that the jacket is not only wind and waterproof, but it is also breathable and guaranteed to keep me dry
(or so the label says anyway!!)

Oh - and there is a fold away hood too - for when those showers hit harder than anticipated.

Certainly thought of everything didn't they...!

There's loads of outdoor-pursuit goodness available from Berghaus, and I'm very happy I was given the opportunity to get my mitts on this very practical, very useful little number.

Thanks lots Berghaus

*PR Sample sent for review. Thoughts & pictures all my own

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