Thursday 26 March 2015

Haven Holidays, Lots Of Family Fun And Games...

I have to say, I'm a tad excited at the moment.



~ It's Friday tomorrow

~ It's the last day of work before I have a whole fantastic two weeks off for Easter

~ It is only four days before I'm setting off on my little holiday

~ Just four days ~

I really can't wait...although by actually writing it down I have just highlighted to myself just how much I still have to do in such little time...

... e e e k ...

I think I had better get myself into gear - and quickly

Anyway, more about this fab holiday.

Well, myself, my son, my little sister and my son's friend are heading over to North Wales...yes...I am the one driving us there (but lets not dwell on horrors such as that for too long...) and we will be staying at the very lovely looking Presthaven caravan site
(for more details, look here)

Yep - A Haven Holiday

~ Yay ~

I'm looking forward to it so much, I can't wait to introduce my son to all the delights of a caravan holiday - especially one at Haven.

My childhood was filled with visits to various Haven Holiday Parks.

I used to go with my Grandparents, my Auntie, Uncle and cousins and I think we must have headed to one at least once every couple of years, maybe more

Check out little me in the middle

I can't actually remember the holiday from this photograph - but that doesn't mean I don't have lots of other brilliant Haven-Esq memories tucked away...

~ I remember whizzing around the site on our hired bicycles, myself and my cousin always wanting to sit up front and take charge of the steering

~ I remember I had to go to the kids club every single day without fail, I loved it so much

~ I remember meeting my very first pen friend...I just wish I could find the letters we used to send...

~ I remember learning the dance routines to the Haven theme song and performing it every evening of our holiday, standing slap bang in the middle of the dance floor and feeling so proud to have all the adults watching us from their tables.

~ I remember purchasing my very first cassette tape - one of the Tiger Club theme song of course - I loved that tape to death...

~  ...and then I remember playing it extra loud to my Mum as soon as I got back home, making her sit through rounds and rounds of me singing and showing her every single dance move I had picked up during my time away

" Running through the jungle, climbing up a tree
See a big orangutan staring down at me
Swim across the river, crocodiles to see
There's so much fun here for you and me...."

~ Ah - mazing ~

I really hope this trip will be the start of many more Haven family trips to come - I want to make sure my son has all of the brilliant experiences that I had growing up, allowing him to form fab memories which will literally, last him a lifetime

Haven, I'm coming to get ya...

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