Wednesday 25 March 2015

TShirt Creation Time

Having a nine year old son means that there are often days when we need to make extra effort to stop him feeling all huffy and bored, particularly on those wet, miserable, no-money weekends.

Getting all arty and creative indoors on days such as these can often be a real test, especially when you are really trying your hardest to fight off the boredom and not allow hours of computer access.

Personally, the days we tend to struggle with are most commonly found at the very end of the month, just before pay-day, or are slotted in the middle of a school holiday - and any help is very greatly appreciated at these times.

So imagine how happy I was when buytshirtsonline (find here) sent me a little kit to get all tshirt creative with my son on one of these wet and rainy weekend afternoons

~ Very pleased indeed ~

Now buytshirtsonline are a printing company, established in 2007, who specialise in providing a vast array of items...

~ printed tshirts
~ embroidered tshirts
~ sportswear
~ footwear

Simply all sorts

And the set they very kindly sent me included one of their plain tshirts from the kiddies wear range.

It was a plain white, Fruit Of The Loom, softspun tshirt which was fantastically soft to touch and was all ready for us to get our creativity going with.

Now the kit was fantastically tailored around my son's preferences...and his main preference at the moment revolves around anything associated with he was delighted to find an iron on transfer of the "Yes Man" himself, Daniel Bryan, along with some fab fabric paint pens for adding lots of lovely detail.

We set to work last weekend and followed the instructions included exactly.

I placed the transfer face down onto the front of the super-soft tshirt and ironed over the top of it for about a minute and a half and made sure I focused on the edges

I left it to cool - which seemed to take blooming ages...
(never good with an impatient child stood there raring to go!!)

...but once it had, the backing paper peeled away quickly and easily leaving a fab printed WWE tshirt behind

My son was so pleased, and even though I did the all-dangerous ironing part myself, everything was just so easy to do.

We pulled out the fabric paints and it was over to my son.

I really expected some huge multi-coloured masterpiece to flow from his art-loving hands, but he had his own ideas of what he wanted.

He told me that he didn't want to spoil the brilliant picture on the front and with this in mind I guess he opted for a minimalistic touch

He was certainly happy with his finished item - he's bugged me to let him wear it every day since he created it.

Thanks for the fab activity package buytshirtsonline - not only did we end up with a brilliant tshirt but we have one that is super-soft, unique and fits perfectly.

What more could we ask for!

*item sent for reviewing/activity purposes. Words and photographs are all my own

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