Friday 1 May 2015

Baby Baker Friday - Alcohol

I've decided that Friday's on the blog are now going to be dedicated to my new found pregnancy status.

Whilst I know this won't please everyone, it's something I really want to do - after all being pregnant is a huge thing to be happening in my life and I really want to share bits and pieces of what is going on amongst these pages.

So here we go

~ Baby Baker Friday ~

I had a whole different post planned out for today, but I have reshuffled a few things so that I could highlight my feelings on a subject - a subject that have been playing on my mind a little this week.

Now when you read this, please don't see it as a moaning kind of is but not really...if that makes any sense at all...

And please don't think I am "up myself" or that I expect special treatment, because I really don't at all and never have.

But one thing for sure is that Baby Baker does not like, need, want or require alcohol.

No way, no how, no never.

But there are a lot of people out there who don't require it either.

Some people may be allergic to the stuff, some people may simply not like the taste, others may not want to drink it - there are a whole host of reasons why people don't drink other than pregnancy.

~ It doesn't automatically mean that the person doesn't enjoy socialising

~ It doesn't suddenly mean that the person doesn't like going to nice places - even where alcohol may be served

~ It doesn't mean that the person is now unable to give a full opinion or review about a place...

Alcohol after all is just one aspect of a establishment - even of a bar.

As I blog in my spare time it is my hobby and I love it.

I love being invited to all of the different events that I am lucky enough go to but because I have this "no alcohol please" criteria recently, I've noticed a few things.

People who don't drink aren't really catered for at these things.

And yes, I know - if you go to a bar or a bar event then usually it's going to be all about the alcohol...I totally get that...but aren't there customers out there who don't drink and would love to know what at least one of the Mocktail options are, rather than the water...or the fizzy pop...

Don't people need to know what lovely, yummy non-alcoholic-ness there is to be enjoyed within an establishment?

After all, just because people don't drink all the booze it doesn't mean that they don't go out and enjoy themselves...does it?

I decided to raise this issue because the look of sheer "is she crazy?" on bartenders faces when I asked for a non-alcoholic option has been directed towards me on more than one occasion now, in more than one place, at more than one event.

I'm not crazy - I just can't feed Baby Baker all the gin!

But please - let me stress again - it's not that I expect any special treatment from anyone BUT having an option on the list to at least try something amazingly fancy and lovely, without being looked at like I have two heads would be really fab - for myself and all the other non-drinkers out there.

I could even give the place a totally different kind of a review, steering away from the booze a little bit.

In the end I was given adapted virgin versions of one drink in each place, so all was not lost, but it was the shock-horror-she-doesn't-want-alcohol looks that got to me a little bit, that and the fact that I felt as though I had to explain my not wanting alcohol ways to people.

Not everyone in the world, for whatever reason, likes to drink alcohol and whilst no special treatment is required for me, surely being treated the same as people who do drink when at an event/party/bar is an OK thing to ask...

~ Agree?

~ Disagree?

Let me know what you think...

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