Sunday 3 May 2015

All The Haven Holiday Food - Featuring The Mash And Barrel

If you read my blog regularly (and I really hope that you do) then you'll know that over the Easter school holidays I drove myself, my son, my sister and son's friend all the way to Presthaven in North Wales (well done me eh!!) where we spent a fab few days in a stunning caravan (see here) enjoying all the things Haven has to offer (see here).

But something I've yet to cover is all of the yummy food that we tucked into.

Did I spend my little holiday cooking three meals a day for all of our four people?

Nope - I did not

So let me fill you in on what we actually did do in terms of our grub.

As you've probably seen, we had some pritty fab facilities to take advantage of in our caravan, so breakfast and lunch were spent making the most out of them.

I wouldn't say I particularly cooked at breakfast time, but what I did do seemed to do the trick.

~ We had cereal

~ We had crumpets - with butter and jam of course

~ We had toast

...all washed down with drinking chocolate, mugs of tea and orange juice.

It certainly filled our tums anyway.

So, next up, there was lunch time.

This gave us a little bit of an opportunity to work our way through the bags and bags (and bags) full of food I crammed the car with to take with us.

I always like to be prepared but in all honesty I didn't really need to bring as much with me - the caravan site has a Spa store which is fully stocked with everything possibly needed for any meal time.

But hey ho, I made use of the masses of things we had.

As the caravan had an oven, hob and microwave I was able to make a whole array of things.

One afternoon we tucked into jacket potatoes with cheese, pizza and garlic bread, another day consisted of some very simple, very fast pot noodles, we even managed yummy fish finger sandwiches smothered in tomato sauce.

Quick, easy and the kiddies were certainly happy.

Something else they were very happy with were our evening meal choices - total convenient fast food which was all available from the on site take away establishments.

One evening we enjoyed a Burger King, another night we indulged in a Papa John's Pizza feast. there was also a fish and chip shop available but we didn't venture inside because we decided to favour the on site pub instead.

~ The Mash And Barrel ~

Now the Mash And Barrel was a really clean, really well maintained, family-friendly pub/restaurant kind of a place.

We popped in for a hot chocolate after our freezing cold beach adventure one afternoon and just knew that we would had to have a big meal there.

And that is exactly what we did.

One evening, before we hit the kids club, in we went and after a quick study of the menu, I popped to the bar to place our order.

The kiddies decided to choose from the children's menu and my pasta-loving son went for the Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread...

...whilst his pal choose a slightly crazy combination of Mash, Beans and Chicken Nuggets...

Being a total Lasagne lover this was the only choice for me, and my sister went for it too...

 The boys wolfed down their meals, so I'm guessing that speaks for itself - not a morsel was left.

The lasagne was really tasty and a whole lot better than I was expecting if I'm honest.

The salad was fresh and crisp and the garlic bread and chips were another perfect accompaniment.

Very nice indeed

I was SO full up that I decided not to have a pudding...

...that was until I went back to the bar to order the boys' and I just couldn't resist...

I chose an Apple & Cinnamon Crumble with Custard...

Both the boys went for a total sugar overload and picked desserts from the adult menu when the spotted the Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ice Cream...

And to say my sister chose from the kiddies menu, her dessert of Stacked Pancakes With Fruit was pritty amazing...

I think there was only myself who didn't finish everything, and that is because I was just so full.

The food was delicious, the service fast and friendly and the prices were really reasonable.

To say we fed a family of four a two course meal, each with a large drink and the total hit £54 I think we did quite well.

A lovely treat night out to end our lovely little holiday.

Holidaying at Presthaven has certainly proved to myself that it is very easy, and not too expensive, to feed a group of people, and to feed them well, on a self-catering UK holiday.

And I'm looking forward to doing it all again, hopefully this summer

* caravan facilities very kindly given to me to enjoy. Words, pictures, opinions all my own

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