Friday 29 May 2015

Baby Baker Friday - Half-way There!!

I've decided that Friday's on the blog are now going to be dedicated to my new found pregnancy status.

Whilst I know this won't please everyone, it's something I really want to do - after all being pregnant is a huge thing to be happening in my life and I really want to share bits and pieces of what is going on amongst these pages.

So here we go

~ Baby Baker Friday ~

Where on earth have the past 20 weeks gone?

Time really does whizz past doesn't it!

I've now been "with Baby Baker" for the same amount of time as I have left to go...and that is a really scary thought.

Exciting...but a tad daunting all the same.

So...what have I been up to lately?

Well, something I haven't been doing as much as I should lately is regularly blogging, and despite having a crammed blog to-do schedule I just haven't stuck to it.

I have genuine reasons though - my home has been in absolute disarray (which is a very polite way to put it!) for over a week now and I have absolutly hated it.

I had two full days of not even being able to get into my own bathroom as it was totally crammed full of...well of just stuff, but I can now see the light.

The house is improving and is certainly becoming Baby Baker ready.

Which means that a better blogging schedule will resume asap.

So - back to Baby Baker - where am I at the moment then?

Yep, I'm hitting the twenty week mark this weekend which is crazy.

But what else...?

~ Well, I have finally started to feel amazing little baby flutterings fairly regularly now actually and it is absolutely out of this world.

I love the feeling and am certainly enjoying this stage of pregnancy a great deal.

It has made the whole "I'm actually having a baby" concept sink in now that's for sure.

~ I am very much starting to expand.

There was a while where I didn't have much of bump at all really.

Naturally I knew I was "getting bigger" but when compared to a few other pregnant ladies I work with there wasn't much of a bump to show off really.

But that certainly all changed last weekend - I was a bridesmaid for my beautiful, longest best friend and I think Baby Baker was waiting for her big day to make a real appearance...

Baby Baker is very much a-growing...and according to my phone app, is now the length of a banana.
(just in case you want to know!)

~ I have another scan next week and I get to see Baby Baker again - I can not wait and hopefully will be able to have the sex confirmed.

I'm 99.99% convinced that Baby Baker is a boy - I always have - even despite close friends and family insisting it will be a girl, I'm having none of it - when you know, you know.

I'm so certain in fact that the only clothing I peek at in shops is in the boy's section and I have about five boys names lined up as options...but only one girl's...

~ Cravings
I wouldn't say I'm particularly craving any food really - I'll just eat anything and everything at the moment

Ooops - that will explain the expanding body then...

I am buying a lot of fizzy pop though - I just can't get enough of the stuff - so perhaps that is my craving...

Who knows...and on that note I shall I love you and leave you.

I'll be back a whole lot more after today - I really will - and I shall see you next week, perhaps for a little Baby Baker gender reveal...

* e x c i t i n g *

Have a great week

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