Wednesday 13 May 2015

Bellissima Exclusive - A Leeds Beauty Salon Launch

Sometimes we all just want a bit of pampering don't we.

A little bit of the old relaxation and full on rest time with no one to bother about but ourselves.

Well, I know I certainly do, and after a long stint of having nothing more than the odd five minute sit of the sofa with a coffee and my feet up (which don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate and enjoy!), I managed a day of ultimate relaxation recently when I spent a fabulous twenty-four hours (almost!) by the pool, sunning myself and doing absolutely nothing in sunny, sunny Spain

~ It was amazing ~

But it's now got me craving more.

I need more of this pamper me stuff.

And this got me to thinking - maybe I should totally push the boat out soon and hit a beauty salon - a real indulgence...

...well, why on earth not...

I was recently invited along to the launch night of the newly refurbished and extended Bellissima Exclusive - a beauty salon in Leeds which is situated in Guiseley and is actually fairly close to my home.

And if I was ever going to treat myself a little and allow myself to be totally pampered then I reckon I would be hard pushed to find anywhere else I would rather visit than here.

Everything about the place screams professionalism

The building is immaculately clean, tidy and decorated fairly minimalistic yet very beautifully, and whilst it is fairly small in size, it is small yet very perfectly formed.

The staff - ranging from the management to the beauticians - were all very welcoming, friendly and approachable - there's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable or unwanted anywhere - especially if you're in a situation where you want to be relaxed and beautified.

There was certainly none of that here

Attending the launch night event allowed me to satisfy my need to be totally nosey, and whilst we enjoyed an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and yummy Italian inspired sweet treats, we were encouraged to browse the salon at our leisure and take a peek into the many offerings of the establishment.

We found a very professional spray-tanning area and a room devoted entirely to hand and nail care, complete with Shellac nail areas and some very fancy looking foot-spa-massage type chairs...

~ Oh how my aching feet do smile at this ~

We were also given a real insight into some of the brilliant treatments on offer as we were presented with live demonstrations continuously being carried out throughout the event.

The treatments on show ranged from facials... Rejuvapen® Skin-Needling...

...from the LPG® Mobilift Anti-ageing Treatment... Mole Removal using advanced Electrolysis/Thermolysis procedures...

It was brilliant to be able to interact with the professionals as they worked and to have an opportunity to ask them questions about what they were doing actually whilst they were doing it.

The salon also has it's very own resident nurse practitioner, Caroline, who is fully in charge of the Facial Aesthetics Clinic, the place where the non-surgical treatments are carried out -  things such as Botox, Fillers and even Nefertiti Facelifts

Caroline sat us down and wasted no time in explaining what it is that she does, and I have to say, this lady certainly knows her stuff.

 She explained how she works and why certain things need to be addressed prior to any procedure taking place.

Caroline also explained the reasons as to why she would carry out certain procedures on some individuals but wouldn't on others, particularly if she felt the person would be left with an unrealistic and unnatural look.

No huge, crazy trout pouts created by Caroline's two hands that's for sure.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time visiting Belissima Exclusive and having the brilliant opportunity to take a closer look at all of their offerings.

I know I will be back

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