Friday 15 May 2015

Baby Baker Friday - Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark

I've decided that Friday's on the blog are now going to be dedicated to my new found pregnancy status.

Whilst I know this won't please everyone, it's something I really want to do - after all being pregnant is a huge thing to be happening in my life and I really want to share bits and pieces of what is going on amongst these pages.

So here we go

~ Baby Baker Friday ~

There's certainly a lot of things that continually run through my mind now that I am expecting a little one that's for sure.

And whilst it may not be the most important niggle of them all, the subject of stretch marks is certainly something I do tend to think about a little bit.

Yes, I know it's a pritty vain thing to worry about, but my skin has got to stretch - quite a blooming lot in fact - there's no doubt about that one but I really, really don't want huge red marks all over the place, not if I can help it anyway.

I totally understand that stretch marks are a very natural part of pregnancy for the majority of Mums-To-Be, but that doesn't mean that I have to like them or want them now does it.

No it does not

Whilst I was pregnant with my first son I lathered my bump twice daily with oil, even adding it to my bath water in an attempt to keep my skin as supple as possible, and it actually seemed to work.

Obviously I do have stretch marks, but only a few clusters of small, silvery ones dotted about - nothing major - and I'd really like this pregnancy to be as kind as the first one too.

But what are stretch marks anyway?

They are obviously a sign that the skin has stretched aren't they. that it...?

Well, no, a stretch mark is actually a scar showing where skin has had to stretch so much that a tear has occurred underneath the surface layer, and unfortunately once this scar is there it is there for good.

Unless painful, pricey surgery is on the cards that it...
Myself, I'll opt for the "Try Anything To Prevent Them" method instead.

So you can imagine just how pleased I was to be contacted by Secret Saviours then can't you, especially when they asked if I would like to trial their Anti Stretch Mark Band.

Anti Stretch Marks?

Why yes please you lovely, kind people, I would like to try this out very, very much, thank you lots.

So off we went.

I was initially asked to measure all around my bump and send in it's size so that I could be correctly fitted and given a properly sized support band.

Hmmm... at the time I didn't think I had much of a bump to measure - I still don't really - it's more of a "fat pack" at the moment but I obviously wanted the band to do as it is intended to so I measured what I had and was presented with this lovely little package a short while after...

A very neatly wrapped Bump Band set containing a lovely pale pink band, a Luxurious Daytime Gel and a Moisturising Night Cream.

But what exactly is the bump band supposed to do?

Well according to the experts, the little bumps on the inside of the band sit against the skin, almost sticking to it - a process very much helped along by the fairly tacky (but not unpleasant) Day Gel - and they help to support and grip the skin evenly on the surface in an attempt to lessen the damage caused by the layers underneath.

These soft, foamy, squishy little bumps, which all seem randomly arranged, are actually strategically placed to spread and even out the strains and stresses occurring to the skin, making it much harder for all of that tearing inside to move in a straight line, stopping the horrible, visible stretch mark appearing.

Clever stuff eh!

Once the band is removed at night, the rich night cream also moisturises the skin, helping to keep it all soft and supple.

Sounds great doesn't it but only time will tell to how good it actually works I suppose.

I have been using the set for a little while now and whilst it does fit snugly to the skin, at the moment I can still see it has room to accommodate my bump as it grows.

I initially thought the elasticity and tightness of the band would be a little restricting and uncomfortable to wear all day, especially underneath my work clothes, but in fact this wasn't the case at all.

I found the band an excellent support - it has really helped reduce the amount of back ache I have been getting - fantastic for when I'm running around, constantly on my feet at work.

The creams are amazing too - really moisturising - I especially enjoy the night time one as it is so rich with a fresh, relaxing scent - perfect for an after bath tummy massage.

I will keep you updated on my stretch mark situation - or hopefully, my lack of them - further along in the pregnancy as I use the Secret Saviours Pack more.

Here's to a case of 'Stretch Marks - Be Gone'

* Item sent in exchange for testing and an honest review. Thoughts, pictures & opinions all my own

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