Monday 18 May 2015

Grub At The Nation Of Shopkeepers In Leeds

~ Food Glorious Food ~

I do love me a good bit of grub so naturally, I was extremely happy to be invited along to the Nation Of Shopkeepers on Cookridge Street in Leeds over the weekend to tantalise my taste buds with a few of the offerings from their new menu

And my-oh-my I was not disappointed in the slightest.

From the minute myself and the Hubby wandered through the doors (and were grinned at by a cute little baby all ready for their christening - always a great start!) I knew we were in for a good afternoon.

Nation Of Shopkeepers has a really laid-back, relaxed feel to it - the music is welcoming and chilled, the decor a little mish-mash but in a very trendy, well-put-together kind of a way and the staff were very welcoming, warm and friendly.

I mean, what more do you need on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Well, some food would be rather nice, so as soon as we found our comfy little window seat we both perused the menu and quickly placed our order.

In no time at all, the yummy starter arrived...

...a huge plate of Nachos smothered with chilli, salsa and all of the other Mexican inspired goodness you would expect with this dish...

And they were great.

I usually have an issue when it comes to sharing food with the Hubby...the issue being that he likes food and likes it in his stomach almost as soon as it hits the table, so unless I'm quick I don't get much of a look in really.

This portion was so huge that I had no problems here - there was plenty to go around.

The nachos were fresh and crisp, the chilli contained succulent meat, various varieties of beans and was very flavoursome, whilst the salsa was tangy, the cheese was melted just right and the jalapenos were huge and added just the right amount of kick to the dish.

I was certainly a fan.

I was even left a little full if I'm honest and I was really pleased that I didn't opt for a huge burger as my main course because I don't think I could have managed one - especially when the Hubby's arrived - it was blooming massive...

...The RBJ Fully Loaded...
(of course he had to find the most crammed thing he could)

Whilst I didn't even attempt a bite of this, I did pinch a little of the burger - it tasted so fresh and not stodgy at all - but my favourite part of the dish had to be the piece of pulled pork I snaffled.

It was amazing - really soft and quite sweet - I could have eaten a plate full of the stuff

But I didn't, I left the other half to it whilst I tucked into my own fabulous main...

...Hot & Kickin' Fried Chicken...

Fries, fried chicken and 'slaw - but all done amazingly.

The fries were rustic, fresh and not greasy in the slightest, the coleslaw was fresh and the perfect accompaniment and the chicken  - oh the chicken...

...two thighs and one leg of fabulous chicken covered in the crispiest, thinnest layer of spices I've ever tasted - certainly very moreish.

And because I like my food on the hot side I chose to have the spicy sauce with the dish...

...Yep, I'm not going to lie, it was blooming hot, but simply perfect over the chicken.

I was full to bursting after the meal but everything was so well executed and the atmosphere so relaxing I really didn't want to leave.

~ I will certainly be back ~

 Here's to my next visit Nation of Shopkeepers - I can not wait

* new menu meal provided free of charge - pictures, opinions, thoughts are 100% my own

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