Friday 10 July 2015

Baby Baker Friday - A Huge George Haul

I've decided that Friday's on the blog are now going to be dedicated to my new found pregnancy status.

Whilst I know this won't please everyone, it's something I really want to do - after all being pregnant is a huge thing to be happening in my life and I really want to share bits and pieces of what is going on amongst these pages.

So here we go

~ Baby Baker Friday ~


It's certainly looking like we could be in for another lovely-weather-packed-weekend doesn't it.

But no matter how much I love the sun, I have to admit I'm really rather pleased at the moment that things have cooled down a little bit since the mega heat-wave we had last week - that was heat and humidity on a whole new level.

A level that was certainly not comfortable for pregnant ladies.
(melting much!)

Anyway, boring weather chat out of the way, what did I want to speak to you about today?

Well, I thought I'd bring you a little bit of a...

~ Baby Baker George Haul ~

Yay - baby shopping - my absolute favourite thing to do at the moment.

You may have noticed that we "did up" our bedroom quite a lot recently in preparation for The Baby Arrival - the post is here if you fancy a recap.

What you also may have noticed is that because of an amazingly lovely lady named Erica, George Clothing provided a whole load of things to help us with this transformation and really got us baby ready.

We are very nearly sorted now in fact which is beyond fantastic, but what on earth did our haul consist of?

Well you need not wonder anymore - this post contains all of those mega important shopping details...

First things first, any new baby requires a bed, and Baby Baker is obviously no different, so this was one of the first things on my "we must have" lists.

Now we were already all set up with a cot (thanks Mum-in-law!), but we desperately needed a first little baby bed - a cute moses basket type bed - and one with a stand too of course...

...and how cute is the one we settled on, this, from Daisy Boo Lucy, Colin and Bumble

I contemplated investing in a rocking stand for the basket - for all of a few seconds - until I remembered having one for my son many moons ago and it being a total pain.

It always seemed to "thud" in the direction of the heavier, bottom side of the basket which is not something you want when you're trying to settle a teeny baby, so I ruled one of those out almost as soon as I thought about it, and I think this one is just perfect.

I also decided that a changing table was a must-have this time round too.

I've never had one before but I'm planning on only changing dirty nappies upstairs on this white East Coast "Clara" unit...

Oh, and I added a little bit of colour too with a cute, star-adorned changing mat...

Now a few things that I'll be using religiously didn't really feature in my DIY post but they are going to be very useful and are very much needed...

~ a Tomy Digital Monitor... has inbuilt night-lights, a lullaby and room thermometer option, and it looks rather nice and fancy too.

~ Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Essentials Pack...

...which has everything possibly needed to help with bottle-feeding...and it was down to half price too which is an offer I really couldn't pass up.

Although I do want to give breastfeeding a go, having this set will mean that the Hubby and other family members can be involved with feeding baby too.

~ Tommee Tippee Six Feeding Bottles...

...because it never hurts to have a few spare stashed in the cupboard and baby is certainly going to need more than one fed ready at a time.

~ Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Manual Breast Pump... help with the all important boobie-milk-expressing.

I didn't think spending a fortune on one of these was a wise idea, just in case I find breastfeeding difficult, but then again I figured having one handy would be a good idea - and this one has it's own little steriliser container too which is very useful.

~ Red Kite 4 way Baby Carrier...

...I have never actually had one of these before but I really see the use in them, especially on exploring-the-wilderness kind of days where a pram will just not do.

~ Bright Stars Little Explorer Vibrating Bouncer...

...well...Baby Baker does need a little bit of relaxation and comfort don't ya know!

~ Mamas and Papas Octopus Playmat... in hindsight perhaps this is a tad too blue for me (I like to be colour co-ordinated!)...but I'm thinking it will still be OK...I mean an octopus does live in the "deep blue sea" after all...

Regardless of the colour, I do really like this mat - it is a real comfy place which will encourage lots of fun, baby-type education - I love that it is the perfect shape to help support the "tummy time" stage too.

~ a Widgey Plus Pregnancy Pillow...

...this is literally amazing - so soft, so comfortable and whilst it is useful for me now (it helps me get settled in bed) it is going to be brilliant for helping comfortably feed Baby Baker in a few months time

A whole lot of uses - I love it!

~ a lot of vests and babygrows...

I chose these in neutral tones because I ordered them before I found out the sex of Baby Baker (take a peek here if you want to find out!) and I got so carried away and just picked everything!

They were all reasonably priced and are such good much so that I've since popped back to George "a few" times and picked up more bits, infused with a tad more with colour...

And that's the lot - didn't Baby Baker do well.

I love everything and I know that in the next fourteen weeks it is all going to come in very, very handy.

Thanks lots George - you certainly made me smile!

* all items sent via PR to review - all words, thoughts, ideas, pictures are 100% my own

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