Thursday 9 July 2015

Roger & Gallet Hand And Nail Balms

~ Happy Thursday All ~

I thought I would keep it short and sweet today and tell you a little bit about something I've had in my possession for quite a while now but it is a product...well "products" actually...that I have been using for ages and have really been liking. 

The products in question are two very lovely hand balms which I was kindly sent by a company called Roger & Gallet.

Now if you don't already know, Roger & Gallet are a long standing beauty-crammed company, who, for over two centuries, have been perfecting the way they look at fragrance and have then ensured this knowledge has been incorporated within every product that they stock.

And they really do stock a very vast range of products - there's everything from soaps to candles to perfumes and lotions.

I'm actually thinking I may need to get my hands on some of their shower creme or perfumed dry oil soon because they sound amazing.

But anyway, whilst I do a little bit of imaginary shopping (as usual), in my hands (or on my hands, depending how you want to look at it) have been these fab hand and nail balms.

And what is so special about them?

Well, apart from their very fun, bright, vibrant packaging (which allows me to always spot them in the depths of my handbag) they each have a rich, mattifying texture...which means that they are designed not to leave any slimy, greasy residue on the hands after use - and from experience, I can confirm that this is 100% the case.

Each hand and nail balm in the collection (there are five in total) has a high level of glycerin within them - meaning that they are amazing moisturisers; they each contain nourishing shea butter; aloe vera which helps soothe any uncomfortable, dry areas; as well as apricot kernel oil which helps to soften the hands and nails.

There's certainly a lot going on inside each little tube isn't there!

I found that when applied to the hands, the balm seems to simply sink into the skin, leaving behind nothing but lovely softness and hands which feel to have a slightly silky texture to them

There is certainly no greasiness at all.

And, as I said, I had two of these lovelies to try out - and try them out I certainly did.

My hands are really quite horrible and always seem to be dry and crusty-looking (nice!) - particularly in colder weather.

I really hate the sore, chapped-hand feeling I get in winter, but with these, I found that any rough, dry patches I had before seemed to be totally wiped out.

And although I wanted to keep applying it all of the time - just because the scent is so amazing - I really didn't have to - my hands stayed soft for hours after just the one application.

What I did find difficult though was choosing a favourite scent - they are both beautiful and so fruity and fragrant - I love them.

I have to say, I do think the Fleur de Figuier just pipped it to the first place post for me, simply because of it's very strong, very lovely scent of figs - a scent I blooming love.
(and it's in a pink tube too of course...!)

But that's certainly not to say the other one - the Bienfaits - isn't great too, because it really is... smells so fruity - which is hardly surprising as it is crammed with five antioxidant red berry extracts, all making for a rather mouthwatering combo...

~ blueberries
~ pomegranates
~ cranberries
~ blackcurrants
~ cherries

~ Yum ~

I'm certainly going to be continuing to use these fab balms - my skin seems to totally agree with them...

...that and they also contain no parabens, no colourants, no silicones and are suitable for all skin types...

~ Winning all round ~

Thanks Roger & Gallet - I'll very much be checking out what other goodies you have on offer

* balms sent free of charge for an honest review - words, thoughts & pictures are all my own

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