Tuesday 28 July 2015

Luck Lust Liquor & Burn, Manchester

Do you know those days when you sit back, take a little time and then suddenly think,

"Oh my god, I didn't write that post that I intended to?!"

Yeah, well that seems to be happening to me quite a lot at the moment, and today was certainly no different.

A fair few months ago now, I attended an event in Manchester with a group of lovely ladies (which I thankfully did write about in good time - find post here) and we took ourselves off to a lovely little eatery beforehand...which I fully intended to write all about...

...but obviously never did

I want to try to rectify this today though, and although my memory on specific tastes may not serve me as well as if I wrote this post the day after my visit I do know that I very much enjoyed what I snaffled, I do have the photographic evidence to back up my claims, and really, do we ever forget the details of a good meal...?

I reckon I'm still good to go.

So, on the day in question, upon hitting Manchester, we all decided that we would eat in the rather quirky, rather laid-back, very busy (always a good sign) venue that is Luck Lust Liquor & Burn...

I'd never heard of this place before, but from what I was hearing from the others I knew I wouldn't be disappointed, and I really wasn't at all.

It was lovely - really chilled out with fantastic, friendly members of staff who all thought that our food-picture-taking was brilliant and not strange or weird in the slightest.
(we were onto a winner straight away)

We were seated upstairs and were promptly given a menu which we had time to ponder over whilst our drinks arrived
(a boring diet coke for me...well...it wasn't that long ago, alcohol still wasn't allowed...)

The menu I was given was just as quirky as the venue itself and it took me so long to decide on anything - there just seemed to be so much choice available, from burgers to burritos to nachos - the choice was endless.

In the end I settled on a starter of "Chicken Blasts" smothered in a hot buffalo sauce...

...and my oh my, hot they certainly were...

I'm not a fan or celery or creamy dipping sauces so these were left untouched, but the five pieces of boneless chicken were really tasty - very tender meat covered in a really crispy batter and then absolutely smothered in the hottest of hot hot-sauces.

A starter that was right up my street

And yes, I did eat the lot despite me initially thinking I wouldn't manage it
(who was I kidding!)

For my main, well, this was what took me the longest to decide upon, but as the sign above the door insisted, the venue was a "Burrito Heaven" so I knew this was what I would have to go with.

But which one to choose...

There was one name that jumped straight off of the menu for me -

A "Baddabing" it had to be.

And oh my word - Baddabing indeed!

This burrito was blooming huge - and I was surprised to find that there were fries actually wrapped up on the inside of it.

I had seen them on the menu but I assumed that they would be served on the side, but nope, on the inside they were.

I actually sat for a moment and just looked at the plate in front of me simply contemplating how on earth I was going to eat this...but that didn't last too long - I couldn't wait to tuck in.

~ It was amazing ~

All of the flavours complemented each other so well.

I particularly enjoyed all of the different meats crammed inside - lovely beef, bacon and chorizo - yum - and then there were those fries, which, well, they just really worked.

I thoroughly enjoyed the burrito, but I knew after the first half that it was going to defeat me.

As lovely as it was, especially after a fairly large starter I was just too full to finish everything.

I did give it my best shot though and continued to plough on (obviously!) through another quarter before I had to admit defeat and give up.

My stomach couldn't handle any more.

It turns out rice, potato, wraps, a combination of meats, all bound together with cheese and covered in rich sauces is a whole lot for my stomach to manage...

...really yum, but a tad too much for me to finish.


Luck Lust Liquor & Burn, it was a pleasure.

I certainly did find myself in "Burrito Heaven"

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