Tuesday 4 August 2015

Microsoft Handset Trial - The Lumia 930

If you've followed my blog for a little while, then you may remember that a fair few months ago - back in April in fact - I had the opportunity to test out a Microsoft Lumia handset, and although I was a little apprehensive about using it at first (I'm not all too keen on change) I really did enjoy my time with it.

Well, between then and now I've also had my mitts on yet another of the Lumia devices - this time it was the Lumia 930 and again, I really liked this mobile...even more so perhaps than the last one I had in my possession.

So, what did technology-phobe me like so much about this handset?

Well, first and foremost I do like any phone I use to have a really good camera, and my-oh-my, the camera on this is blooming fabulous.

It is a huge 20 mega-pixels and with it's LED flash it makes photo taking, even in low light, a total breeze - the social media fanatics perfect companion.

I was out and about in York City and snapped this picture using the phone...

...I mean, just look at it...

...it really does illustrate the brilliant camera quality perfectly.

I didn't have to use any filters to improve the image or anything - but filters are available on the device if I had needed them - the camera really is this amazing in it's own right.

~ I love it ~

I was fairly impressed with the size of the handset too - it has a five inch, bright, HD screen, so naturally it is going to feel bigger and heavier than some other handsets.

Personally I didn't mind this at all because it wasn't too bulky, despite its fairly squared shape, but I may have thought differently about this if I had needed to try and squeeze it into a small clutch bag for a night on the town...

...but I didn't, so the size wasn't an issue at all.

Something that this phone certainly does have which my own Samsung handset is seriously lacking is storage space - I'm having to forever delete apps to make room for new ones which is a total pain.

But this isn't a problem with the Lumia 930 and its 32GB of storage space...just think of the amount of photographs you could store with that.

Now, the handset I was sent to review was a very bright, very neon orange colour and I really did like it - if nothing else it certainly prevents me loosing it in the bottom of my handbag that's for sure.

I also discovered that the display screen could be colour customised to suit my preferences as often as I liked and, well, obviously I went for a totally orange-clashing bright pink colour didn't I...

Why not eh - I think it looks rather pretty myself.

And this screen display can also be set to automatically change throughout the day using the LiveTile feature where things like the weather and emails can continuously be monitored on the go.

~ Clever stuff ~

Something else I thought very useful was the inbuilt fitness app...

Although at the moment I'm far from being in peak physical shape I do like the fact that with this handset you can have a complete daily analysis of how active you have been with no need for any extra bands or devices having to be lugged about...

...certainly something that would be really useful, especially to see how many miles I can cover in a day at work.

However, personally for me, I think the best feature I found on this phone has got to be the Kids Corner feature

My son is almost ten now and is desperate to own his own mobile phone.

At the moment, we are sticking to our guns and are saying no - I really don't think he is old enough and he has no real need for one yet, not until he is at high school anyway.

But this doesn't mean that I don't let him use mine from time to time, whether that be to call his Grandparents or to watch videos on YouTube.

Whilst there is nothing on my phone that he can't look at, having this Kids Corner section which can be monitored, personalised, set up and restricted by myself specifically for him gives me a little extra piece of mind that he is only accessing the things I want him to.

It's got to be all about safety with kiddies after all and anything that helps with this is a winner in my book.

So - any negatives?

Well, the only thing I can think of really is that my trial of this handset didn't last long enough - I really enjoyed using it, and (obviously!) my son had his eyes on this one even more so than he did the last Lumia we had in the house.

Well...I'd best get back to using my own trusty Samsung now hadn't I...

*handset sent for a two week trial. Opinions, photographs & thoughts are all my own

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