Thursday 27 August 2015

thinkmoney's Summer BBQ - #TMSummerBBQ

So today, I seem to have a little bit of time to myself - no game playing, no Lego Jurassic Park explanations and no trying to make the day "child fun" - it's just been me, myself and I.

But with free time there comes thinking time and I've sat today and really realised just how lucky I am to have met so many fantastic people throughout my two year blogging journey.

It really has been brilliant and it still amazes me how many friendly, kind, like-minded people there are out there, and on Sunday, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time meeting another group of fabulous people.

I spent the majority of the day with the people seated nearest to me - Georgina, AlfieJemma, Anoushka, Caitlin and Carl - some of which I was meeting for the first time and some of which - I'll admit - I did fan-girl a little over spending time with...

We had so much fun - I don't think I can actually remember the last time I laughed so much.

And if that wasn't enough of a day-maker, the actual event itself was blooming amazing, all organised by the very lovely (and very thoughtful) Bryony at thinkmoney Basic Bank Accounts.

In fact, I'd say that this is how all events should be run...

~ amazingly well-organised (yay for Bryony!)

~ amazing location (Hotel Football in Manchester!)

~ fun activities


~ gorgeous food

~ A very winning combination in my book ~

We kick-started the day by lounging around on the top floor of the hotel which was decked out beautifully - perfect for a Summer BBQ.

The roof-top windows were open, the (not so) gentle breeze was billowing through, the views were just beautiful and the drinks were certainly flowing from the free (yes the free!) bar.

I mean could it get much better?

Errrm...well yes it actually could because we were then presented with, not just one, but a box of four delicious cupcakes and were given instruction on how to make them all pretty by the lovely Michelle from The Princess And The Cupcake before being let loose and encouraged to design our own...

It was so much fun, especially when my first attempt at buttercream piping resulted in me picking up the "poo nozzle" - seriously - it produced icing which resembled a poo shape!!

That kind of thing is never going to appeal to anyone over the age of ten now is it!!

But not to worry, I set about rescuing my "poo bun" with a few "flowery-blobs" and some gold decorative bits.

And whilst I knew I was never going to be able to make the pretty rose Michelle demonstrated I was still rather impressed with my four finished attempts...

I even managed to snaffle a spare cake so I could eat one there and then - delicious.

So feeling a little sugared out I naturally (obviously!) decided to turn my attention to yet more food - well the BBQ had opened - it would have been rude not to.

And the food we were presented with was just fabulous...

I even think most people went back for seconds...

...before, in true summer-days-style, yummy ice cream was served...

(photo courtesy of thinkmoney - do you see that look of pure glee on my face!)

With full-tummies, we then headed for the photo-booth props and no-one could resist a quick selfie or two...

...before we sat down to a few games of Blogger Bingo...

...which was made even more hilarious by Jemma's pure determination to win (and she did) and the fact that the lovely Thornton's winners trophies had completely melted in the heat...

~ Fun times with fabulous people ~

We had such a great time in fact that it seemed no-one really wanted to head home so we hung around, taking in our lovely surroundings for as long as we could before inevitably having to say our goodbyes.

We didn't leave empty handed though and were each presented with a crammed-full goody bag of amazing treats from Manuka Doctor, NSPA, Metcalfes, Vita Coco, Ohh Deer, Fancy Witch, Anne Semonin, Crabtree & Evelyn, Milton Lloyds, Aroma Works, Halo, Urban Fruit, Derma V10 and Weleda...

...many of which I'll be sure to tell you about in up-coming posts, once I've had a delve through them all myself that is.

Thank you so much thinkmoney (& Georgina) for including me in such a brilliant day.

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