Friday 28 August 2015

Baby Baker Friday - Why My Birth Plan Is The Plan That It Is

So as you know, I decided that Friday's on the blog would be dedicated to my now end-nearing pregnancy status.

I know it's not something everyone wants to read about but it is something I really wanted to do - so I'm doing it - after all, being pregnant and having a new baby is a huge thing to be happening in my life and I really wanted to share bits and pieces of what is going on amongst these pages.

So here we go

~ Baby Baker Friday ~

Thirty Three Weeks Pregnant...

33 weeks pregnant...

No matter how I say it or see it written down I still don't think it's really, truly actually hit home fully yet.

I. Am. Having. A. Baby.

I mean, OK I have the mahoosive, ever-growing tummy, I'm feeling all of the amazing movements and I've got some brilliant scan pictures to prove that this is actually happening but I still don't think it's really going to sink in until the day I have that little (or maybe not so little) bundle in my arms.

Three years of trying and wanting something so much will do that to you though I suppose...

I'm officially due to have Baby Baker on 18th October which is only seven weeks away now but I've been told that I will potentially be going into hospital anytime from week 39, and that is just a mere six weeks away...

~ Eeek ~

But why early?

Well it's because for this pregnancy I've chosen to have an Elective Cesarean.

A lot of people, even some of my family members, have questioned my reasons and joked about me being  "too posh to push" so I wanted to write down and explain, just a little bit, my reasons for choosing this option this time around.

Now everyone will know that I already have an amazing son who is very nearly ten years old - in fact I was pregnant with him at this time all those years ago too and he was due to be born around the same time that Baby Baker is due - which is slightly crazy I know.

Anyway, with him, it was very clear that he wasn't even close to being engaged or preparing to be born as close to two weeks to his due date, but doctors said that it would all happen as it should and off home I went to wait it out.

Four weeks later and two weeks overdue I was admitted into hospital to be induced, and then after waiting for another two and a half days with two lots of treatments, things finally started to happen.

I remember calling the midwife at 2am, terrified, to say that I thought my waters had broken and felt really, well, really isolated...

I was on a ward with three other ladies and tried desperately all night to breathe as quietly as possible through each contraction - on pain relief of two paracetamol - so that I didn't wake anyone up.

I was constantly looking at the clock too, waiting for 7am to arrive so that the Hubby - my then fiance - could come and help me out.

It was a long, painful, lonely five hours - especially for a twenty one year old first time mum.

But I got there and was later whisked down to the delivery suite at around 9am.

But then - well to cut a long (a very long) - story short, everything seemed to stop and by mid afternoon I was given an epidural and was hooked up to a drip giving me medicine to help strengthen and speed up the contractions again.

But still, nothing major happened.

Looking back now I do think the medical staff became a little worried about my son and the fact that he wasn't happy at all...

So, after nineteen hours of labour - on a slice of toast I'd been forced to eat at 8am - I was told an Emergency Cesarean was the only way to go.

We were scrubbed, prepped and I was wheeled down to theatre in no time.

Things didn't go quite to plan on the operating table either to be honest - I was trying to be all calm but the surgeon wasn't happy - I couldn't relax and then I felt some really strange pains - the next thing I knew a mask was over my face and I was fully knocked out.

~ Crazy Times ~

But my beautiful son was worth everything.

And so, because of all of that I have now been given an option - opt for a "normal" birth or a section.

I really don't want to have to face even the remote chance of going through everything I did before and whilst I know every labour is different I'm really not prepared to chance it and put myself, my baby, my Hubby and even my son through all of that stress and unease when I really don't have to.

So a cesarean it is

Which is why Baby Baker is pritty likely to be born in six weeks rather than in seven weeks time.

Obviously I know many people won't agree with my choice, and that's fine, but I know what's best for me.

I'm more than aware that recovering from major surgery takes time and is lengthy and there are lots of possible risks and complications to factor in - but isn't there the possibility of those with everything...?

I've done my homework on this and whilst I'm not saying this is the perfect way to bring Baby Baker into the world, it's the best option at this time. I dare ask if you agree?

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