Monday 17 August 2015

UK Staycations And Cornish Cream Teas

As much as I do love a little bit of sunbathing and the old relaxing by the pool scenarios, in recent years these kind of holidays are such a rarity for our household.

Not that I've ever really been much of a jet-setter or anything, but because of the growing cost of holidaying abroad and the fact that I now have a family, I have found that it is just so much easier to stay and holiday in the UK.

All it takes is to simply pack up the car, drive a little way down the motorway and voila, a convenient break away from everyday life that doesn't cost the earth.

As long as there is a beach nearby with access to a swimming pool my son is more than happy.

~ No overwhelming heat to worry about
~ No prickly heat to contend with
~ No un-liked foreign food to work around

Easy, chilled and calm

And if there are a few hot weather days thrown in, then that's a massive bonus for me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against going abroad or anything - granted, I'm not the best person on an aeroplane but I do manage - I just think a rough experience I had when my son was only eight months old has put me off going abroad a little bit.

The holiday in question was lovely in itself - the accommodation was clean, the weather was hot, but I think for such a small child it was just too much for my son, and you know what they say - unhappy baby, unhappy Mummy.

The weather was far too hot for him, he was so grouchy and then we had the whole not-being-able-to-drink-the-water situation to deal with...

...not ideal for trying to make up baby bottles every day...

 Sterilising and preparing bottles over a hob in a foreign country where the water is not drinkable is not how a holiday should be spent - especially when the baby then develops a very poorly tummy on top of everything else...and everything else that goes with one...

Yep - it really did put me off travel for a while.

And with a new baby soon to be entering the household I can't see me setting foot on a plane anytime soon.

But I have had some very lovely, UK "staycation" experiences with my family in the years since this mishap and I know that next year, if we can find a place with beautiful weather, we'll be onto a winner staying here in the UK.

My Auntie has actually just come back from a week-long visit to Devon and she said it was absolutely beautiful and the weather was simply amazing...

It's been many a year since my last trip down there actually - I must have been around twelve the last time I went and a whole load of the family descended upon Cornwall.

I remember it being a very lovely, very fun-packed, very happy holiday indeed.

I reckon my family of four could certainly have a ball down by the Cornish sea that's for sure.

I mean it certainly has that whole "Surf's Up" action-packed reputation that I know my Hubby and son would love.

And for me...well...what could be better than sampling a beautiful Cornish Cream Tea actually by the Cornish sea

~ Bliss ~

I think the boys could tackle the surf of the mega-popular Kynance Cove Beach whilst Mummy and baby settle in for afternoons of beach-related relaxation, delicately enjoying picnics filled with Cornish delights...

...and if this amazingly, sweet-packed hamper I was lucky enough to be sent to enjoy in the comfort of my own garden is anything to go by, having one in the Cornish sunshine would simply be beyond fantastic.

It certainly sounds like a holiday to me that's for sure.

In fact, Parkdean - an award winning UK holiday park establishment - have found Devon and Cornwall to be so popular, welcoming and beautiful that even residents who live there - a massive 41% of them in fact - would much prefer to stay and holiday on their own doorsteps than travel anywhere else.

Which speaks volumes really doesn't it...

And because they are so confident with their range of fabulous UK holiday deals, Parkdean are actually offering one person the chance to enjoy this UK Staycation phenomenon for themselves by giving away a 3/4 night family break in a choice of one of their 11 Devon or Cornwall based caravan parks worth £499 simply by taking their quirky holiday quiz which can be found...

Try your luck, and who knows, you could be enjoying the delights of a Cornish cream tea on a Cornwall beach very soon...

It looks as though Staycations are fast becoming the new Vacations

* A collaborative post. Hamper sent free of charge. Words, thoughts & pictures all my own - except the beach shot - credit goes to my cousin for that! 

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