Friday 18 September 2015

Baby Baker Friday - I Really Wish I'd Remembered...

So as you know, I decided that Friday's on the blog would be dedicated to my now end-nearing pregnancy status.

I know it's not something everyone wants to read about but it is something I really wanted to do - so I'm doing it - after all, being pregnant and having a new baby is a huge thing to be happening in my life and I really wanted to share bits and pieces of what is going on amongst these pages.

So here we go

~ Baby Baker Friday ~

So I've been out of the blogging game for about a week now (again!) but I was sat, slobbing out (as usual) last night and found myself thinking just how lovely this pregnancy has been.

I know, I know - you wouldn't think it with the amount of moaning I've been doing lately but it has actually been a really amazing time.

And lets be honest, pregnant or not, we do all love a good moan every so often now don't we...

Actually, I remember feeling the same about my first pregnancy too - it was so nice - and I'm sure these feelings have a lot to do with me being quite pregnancy lucky really.

I've had no real morning sickness apart from perhaps the odd week of queasiness, I have had no major stretch marks develop with either pregnancy and I just love, love, love feeling baby having a little wriggle about inside my tummy

It really is amazing.

However, I do wish I remembered a few things from the first time around, things which could have prepared me a little more for my time carrying Baby Baker.

But it would seem having ten years between children causes a whole lot of important stuff to be forgotten - both the good and the not so good...

So here's my little list of some of the positives and some of the negatives that I really wish I had remembered...

~ "Holy Hell...I'm having a baby...!" ~

And by this I don't mean the initial - yet very welcome - shock of first finding out I was expecting, I mean how that now, even at almost 36 weeks pregnant I still can't quite get my head around the fact that there will be this new little human living in our home soon.

It's such a crazy notion.

Obviously I have the bump and yes, I feel the kicks and OK, my current view is filled with baby-related items...

...but do I really believe this is happening?

Can I genuinely imagine having my own new, little baby to hold and cuddle?

No, I really cant, not yet anyway.

Does that make me strange?

~ Those first baby flutters really melt your heart ~

...well, they do when you finally realise they're not just wind that is...

And what an amazing, magical feeling they are, like tiny little butterflies having a flutter about, all delicate and magical.

Simply amazing

~ You loose all signs of ever having had ankles of any sort ~

Obviously this is going to happen - it's a known pregnancy fact.

Your legs naturally have a lot more weight than usual to be transporting around, but seriously, to actually properly loose all signs of ever having owned an ankle bone is something I tried hard to get my head around.

I really do have legs which resemble an elephant right now you know.

~ Hours can pass by as you re-plan family photo prints and decide where best to go to get lovely photographs taken which include new baby ~

I have four lovely canvas prints in my living room at the moment, all from my wedding four years ago and all obviously of just the three of us...

I really don't want to take them down because I love them so much but I can't add others around them - my house is too small, but I want some "family of four" shots too...

What am I going to do...?

And yes, I realise just how trivial this "dilema" is, but nonetheless I've certainly spent some time pondering over it...

~ Buying pregnancy outfits for fancy occasions doesn't always run smoothly ~

Especially when you spend hours - and I literally mean hours - looking through every page of every on-line store you can find, searching out a perfect make-my-bump-look-pretty frock.

And then you spot it

The "pregnant" model wearing it looks amazing, the dress fits her perfectly and the heels she has donned accentuate her figure perfectly - she looks fabulous and it's something I could really do with right now.

And so the full outfit - shoes and all - is added to basket, paid for with next day delivery thrown in for good measure, all in the blink of an eye.

That wedding perfect outfit needs to be in my hands as soon as it possibly can be.

...that is until it arrives...

That "perfect" little black skater dress with the off the shoulder neckline makes me look nothing like the amazing model on the web-page.

It accentuates my bingo-wings, highlights my tree-trunk sized thighs and what about those heels?


Why did I choose barley there heels of all things in the first place?

The "barely there" bit barely fastens around my newly formed cankles and then that heel - why just why??

I can't even walk in bare feet at the moment never mind anything with a bit of height to it.

So I return the lot and have a sulk.

Moral of this story then is that it's probably best to venture into a shop and opt for comfort when heavily pregnant, picking things that remain within your usual clothing choices.

And by doing this I realised that a £3 maxi skirt teamed with a £1.50 vest from Primark and a £17.99 New Look sale jacket plus old, comfortable flat sandals were the right way to go...

~ There is no longer such a thing as personal space ~ 

I love taking about my bump and really don't mind people wanting to touch it - it fascinates me so why would I expect anyone else to feel any different.


...sometimes a little "can I touch it" or "oooh what does it feel like?" wouldn't go amiss before a hand shoots out unexpectedly to give my tummy a little stroke.

~ There will be a whole lot of love for baby - even before baby is here ~

Every kick, every hiccup, every turn and twist really gets me every time.

I think I fall in love a little more every time I feel one

Feeling Baby Baker moving has to be one of the best things about pregnancy and it's certainly going to be one of the things I will miss the most once she is actually here.

~ Time flies ~

Oh my goodness how true this is.

Although it seems like we found out about this pregnancy a very long time ago I really can't believe just how quickly the time has passed and now, well now, we have four weeks to go...

Just four short weeks...

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