Monday 12 October 2015

Mankind - Helping Prepare Us For Christmas

It's been a fair while since I featured anything majorly beauty related on these pages, which is a shame I know.

As much as I do love a good Boots splurge, recently my shopping attention has been drawn "elsewhere".

And by "elsewhere" I mean more in the direction of Mothercare or Next's baby section...
(I just can't help myself!)

But today it is all about the beauty bits.


...these beauty bits aren't exactly for me...

Such a tragedy I know.

The first beauty parcel I have landing on my doorstep in what seems like forever and it's not even for me to enjoy....


But nope, this lovely little bundle I received was all for the Husband.

~ s i g h ~

But I do have to admit, even I was very impressed with the contents he received, and everything came from those lovely people at Mankind...

Now Mankind are all about providing good quality skin and hair care for "the modern man - the man who isn't afraid to take care of himself" - a concept that I find fantastic...especially now that my Hubby has started looking after himself a lot more.

In fact, he is already a bit of a Mankind fan and loves the quality of the products they have and the ease in which he is able to find what he wants and needs.

We have products from Mankind spilling out of the bathroom as it is and this little box of goodies certainly spiked his attention when he spotted them that's for sure.

He was like a child on Christmas morning and couldn't wait to delve inside.


Is it too early to mention that word yet?




But tough - I'm bringing it up anyway because I'm trying to be as organised as I can this year with the whole gift selecting thing.

I really can't leave it all until the last minute...again.

And after seeing the reaction from my Hubby when he spotted this lovely little lot, I know that these products, and many of the others that Mankind have in their fab gift section (find here), would make brilliant gifts for men everywhere.

May as well get the guys pressies sorted and out of the way a few months before the big day, eh.

So what do we have and how do they rate?

Personally I was really impressed with everything.

I found all of the packaging to be quite sleek, masculine and very high end-looking.

I would certainly be pritty chuffed with myself, and confident that everything would be well received, if I were to give any of these products as a gift.

But what did the other half think - after all, it's his opinion you want.

Out of the hair products and the two that were from American Crew...

...the Hubby informed me that his favourite was the Fiber putty as it had a "high hold" level which was perfect for his longer, thicker hair style.

I used this one on my son's hair too as his is quite long as well and he was very impressed with the fact that it kept his "quiff" in place all day at school (yep - he really did tell me that and he's only nine!!) and that it "didn't make his hair look all shiny" like some of the other products he uses.

I personally liked the scent of the Defining Paste myself...but eyes were rolled in my direction when I mentioned this.

The other hair-based product we found was the small tube of Liquifflex cream to liquid styling gel...

Now this has a "medium hold and medium shine" so I wasn't all that convinced it would work on either of the boys' hair's but the Hubby tried it out anyway.

He found, as it stated on the tube, the cream product liquifies once it is on the hands making it really easy to pull through the hair.

Whilst the product did help tame the fuzz factor the Husband's hair can have it didn't really help to create any sort of a style and is obviously suited more to people with shorter hair.

Now as those of you who follow the Husband's blog - A Blokes Eyeview - will know, he has a beard and has loved finding amazing products to help him keep it in check.

Cue him having a very intent gaze when he spotted the Beard Oil and Awakening Beard Balm in the box...

He used them both that very same day and has been applying them ever since.

I have been told that they both "tick all the right boxes" and "do exactly what they are supposed to do", with the balm being voted his favourite because it makes his beard "really soft and smell great".

I think he's very impressed!

Personally I was also a fan of the Beard Balm because...well... (no eye rolling please) it made the Hubby smell all fab and fruity yet still quite masculine - which was very nice indeed.

But as I've been told before - "it's not just about the scent"...although this time round he too was really taken with this side of things himself.

And then last, but by no means least, we had a 100ml bottle of Trafalgar aftershave...

Now - as you are probably very well aware the Hubby doesn't shave - but if he did the properties within this masculine looking little bottle would help to "soothe and stimulate the skin".

As it stands we are both very much enjoying the freshness of this - to me it smells a little of the sea...or perhaps that's more the fabulous bright blue colour of it reminding me of exotic beaches...

Either way, this is a winner and regardless of the fact that it is meant to be an after shave, the Hubby still slaps it on, on top of his beard.

He said that he loves the fresh scent too much not to enjoy using it - and that the scent lasts for ages - which is apparently a major plus.

So Mankind, once again, you are voted "Most Fabulous" in our home - you with your vast array of male-appropriate beauty goodness.

And yes, you would definitely make any guy happy on Christmas Day...any guy aged from nine years onwards it would seem...
(my son has snaffled the hair Fiber all for himself - it is currently hidden away in his bedroom!)

Now don't mind me, I'm off to sulk in the corner and avoid making eye-contact with my Husband's very impressive beauty product shelf in our bathroom...

Happy Mankind Shopping!

*products sent to test & review - all pictures & words are my own. Thoughts are my own - & the Hubby's!

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