Wednesday 24 February 2016

A Night in At The Movies

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's nothing quite like a good old family movie night where everyone can totally slob out with their loved ones, cosy up and munch through vast amounts of sweets and treats.

For me it just brings a whole level of togetherness - a togetherness which can often be lost or very much unappreciated during the goings-on of everyday life.

And it's something we've always loved to do in my home.

Even before we had kiddies, whilst myself and the Hubby loved nothing more than "painting the town red" there's really no beating pulling on the comfies and snuggling up with a really good film.

And now that we do have our fabulous children, well, we love it even more.

You see I'm a real stickler for talking my son through films, especially the fabulous ones which are adapted from amazing books - books which I will have always read before watching the film because obviously, you can't watch a movie until you've read the book - it's the law don't ya know.

And then my son loves asking me questions back as he tries really hard to fully understand everything that is going on - it drives the Hubby crazy, but it's just "our thing".

...however it's not really "a thing" that other cinema goers appreciate, us nattering our way through each and every scene, so movie nights at home are totally perfect.

Being able to watch a movie and interact with our loved ones in this way is really important for us because lets face it, actually going out to the cinema isn't always an option.

Especially not with a four month old little lady in tow...and...well, cinema nights can be so blooming expensive can't they.

So - a night in at the movies is usually our preferred mode for getting our film fix.

So I can really see why Gracewell place such an emphasis on the importance of having evenings like this for their residents.

Gracewell are residential homes which care for the elderly you see, a setting where having a sense of family togetherness and family support must certainly be paramount.

We can all get so wrapped up in our own everyday lives - school, work, hobbies - it can be so easy to loose family closeness and so, even if it's just once a week, we like to sit down, relax and spend a little bit of time just being together as a family.

And film night is great for this.

Gracewell recognise this too and film nights are a regular occurrence within their homes - family members are invited and everyone gets together to simply, be together.

To have a sense of togetherness and belonging.

~ It's really important ~

~ It's really important to me

~ It's really important to Gracewell residents too I'm sure.

And actually, this week we've managed a few family movie nights already.

We watched movie number one (make sure you see it - it's blooming amazing!) and we all got so into it that we just had to rent the second one as soon as we possibly could.

Both movies have been such a discussion point each and every day since we watched them too.

So when you think about it, there's really so much more to movie night that simply "just watching a film" isn't there...

I hope you enjoy a fabulous family filled Night At The Movies too

* collaborative post - all words, thoughts & movie opinions are my own

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