Wednesday 2 March 2016

A Mother's Day Gift...With A Twist

So - not that we need the reminder - but there's a really important weekend approaching people.

One that simply has to be as spectacularly special as it possibly can be.

~ It's Mother's Day ~

...which in my opinion has to be one of the most important days of the year...

And for me, this Mother's Day is going to be even more amazing because, after all of these years, this will be my first one celebrating with my two beautiful children.

I really am such a lucky lady.

But what will this Sunday mean to me?

How will it differ from any other day?

Well, the only thing I'm bothered about really is actually spending the day with my beauties...

...and maybe a little sleep in...
(forget that one, I have a four month old baby)

...or maybe a nice box of chocolates...
(erm - I need to remember the diet...)

...perhaps a lovely bunch of flowers...
(which I will have killed off within two days)

...maybe a lovely card and a cuppa...

Yep, that's the one - a cuppa and a card will do me nicely.

And I'm sure there are other Mum's out there, Mum's of all different ages, where the "norm" of a gift isn't entirely their ideal kind of a pressie
(although they will obviously never tell you that)

So for these lovely Mothers, how about treating them to a day spent seeking out some thrills and a little bit of adventure?

Come on - you have to admit it really does look rather fun.

We've actually been to one of the Aerial Extreme sites before (see post here).

At the time I was pregnant with Willow though, so obviously I took a backseat and just watched the boys have all of the scary-heights-climbing fun, and trust me, they really did enjoy themselves.

I'm not actually sure if I'd ever be able to pull on my big girl pants and have a go though...the thought of it terrifies me a little bit...but I suppose if my son asked...well, how could I possibly refuse!?

Go on - give your Mum something a little different this year - especially with there being a fabulous 30% off booking a Mother's Day visit.

And if that doesn't tempt you then maybe this will - I have one adult and one child ticket to give away for a venue of your choice - so there really is no excuse for all Mums to not be an "Extreme Mum" this year.

The competition will only run for a few days (UK only I'm afraid) and all you have to do is enter via the Raflecopter below...

A winner will be chosen on Saturday and then all they have to do is let me know their preferred venue and I will sort out the rest.

~ Fabulous eh ~

Happy entering and whether you are a Mummy yourself or have a fabulous Mummy all of your very own, have a lovely weekend celebrating.

Happy Mother's Day!

* a collaborative post - I didn't receive anything for this post - I wanted to write it!

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