Wednesday 3 February 2016

Joshua James Jewellery - Making A Gal Very Happy This Valentine's Day

"Mum, my girlfriend has asked me for a charm bracelet with charms for Valentine's Day."



This was the statement that greeted me yesterday when my son climbed into the car after school when I asked if he had handed the ticket money in to his teacher for his school Valentine's Disco.

Expensive, fancy jewellery?


They are blooming ten years old and in Year 5 at primary school for goodness sake.

I'm thirty two years old, have been with my Hubby for twelve years, married for four and a half years, have two beautiful kiddies and even I don't get expensive, fancy jewellery.

Needless to say I told him he can buy her a box of chocolates and a card and have done with it.

It did get me to thinking a little bit about everything "Valentines" though, in particular, just how little emphasis myself and the Hubby still place on the whole day.

We tend to ignore it really - I'm usually lucky if I get a card.
(I've even known my other half to ask me to go out and physically buy my own card ready for him to sign before now...)

Who said romance is dead eh?!

But I'm not too bothered really - yes of course I would love to be surprised, perhaps with an indulgent spa weekend filled with relaxation or maybe some nice jewellery but we have other priorities these days, priorities (ie children!) which come first.

If I'm honest, we've been together so long now that I'm more than happy to settle with being made a lovely cuppa and having control of the TV remote for the evening.

And anyway, who really needs the Hubby to be all thoughtful and romantic when there's other people out there who will be all fabulous and thoughtful towards me..?

(It's not as wrong as it sounds, trust me- very far from it in fact.)

But this year I have been spoilt and no, it wasn't by the Hubby, Joshua James Jewellery have been totally fabulous and thoroughly tempting with all of the amazingness they have to offer on their website.

I've been after getting my hands on a beautiful Olivia Burton watch for quite a long time now but, as with everything recently, there was never any justification - not with a new baby on the way and then not with a new baby arriving and then not with a home to redecorate...oh, and then there was my son's birthday and then Christmas...

Need I go on...?

Mum would obviously have to wait for her little splurge.

But then Joshua James Jewellery got involved and, well, maybe Mum wouldn't be waiting too long after all...

I mean just look at how perfect this is...

I've wanted a classic, "grown up" watch for so long now, one simple enough to be able to be worn every day but that could still be all pretty and striking looking and I have to say, I think this one ticks all of those boxes and more.

The tan leather strap and gold detailing make the watch look very ladylike and fancy - it would simply be a perfect Valentine's Day gift - guaranteed to express to someone just how much they mean to you.

And then, if my levels of delight weren't high enough, I was also treated to this beautiful Chrysalis rose gold stackable bangle...

It is so cute and really delicate.

There are so many different styles and colours available, each with different charms, meaning there is certainly something to suit your loved one perfectly.

I (obviously) chose the charm design which symbolises "Mum"...

It is so perfect for me and I love it.

So, even though I may not have the world's most romantic Husband and even though I may not be expecting a day crammed full of massages and beautifying inside the walls of some swish, swanky spa over this Valentine's Day period I'm still certainly feeling oh-so very lucky and will undoubtedly be beaming, showing off my very fancy arm-wear come February 14th.

Joshua James Jewellery - you've really made this lady happy.

And if my son does ever need pretty jewellery pieces to impress a lovely lady in the future (way, WAY into the future, when he's much MUCH older and earning his own money) then I'm sending him your way.

How could I not - there is everything needed to ensure a fabulous Valentine's Day is had by all

* pretty pieces provided free of charge - all words, opinions & photographs are 100% my own

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