Thursday 14 April 2016

MooGoo - Happy Natural Moisturising

Nawwww - look at this cute lil' moo cow...

Sweet eh?

Sweet indeed.

And this little guy came to be in my possession after I was first introduced to a fabulous skincare brand, oooh over a year ago now, when I attended a fab blogger meet up in Sheffield (more details here).

So which brand is it I hear you ask?

Which brand is represented by such a cute lil' guy?

Well, the brand in question it is none other than MooGoo.

MooGoo are an all natural skincare and make-up brand who's ideas originate all the way from Australia.

MooGoo have such a strong "all natural" thesis that they say all of their products are safe enough to eat
(if you ever feel the need to munch on a body lotion sandwich that is).

Sounds good...the naturalness I mean...not the sandwich...

For me however, I've never really felt a strong desire to specifically seek out natural products above any other, so at the time of discovering MooGoo I was really eager to find out more.

I was also pregnant with 'ickle Baby Baker so, with someone else other that myself in mind, my interest was spiked even more.

And then I was shown the huge range of baby specific products they have on offer and that was it, I had to try some.

MooGoo then, very kindly, sent me this cow adorned, "grass" filled box with a selection of their goodies to have a look at, and I have to say that I am pritty impressed with what I've found.

Inside the lovely box of tricks there was the brilliant Skin Milk Udder Cream, some Milk Shampoo, Cream Conditioner, a Fresh Cream Deodorant and an Edible Strawberry Lip Balm
(I do love the milk themed names of everything!)

Now the deodorant and lip balm I have used before and have loved both.

My lips are always terribly dry and peel like crazy (sorry for the TMI!) to the point of them becoming really tender and sore but this balm never fails to soothe and heal them.

I love it and it's very handy to have in my bag - plus, the natural beetroot colouring of it gives a really subtle colour to my lips too meaning I can look all intentionally fancy - even at 8.30am on the school run.

Now the Fresh Cream Deodorant I've found to be perfect for times when the underarm area is a little sore or dry, perhaps from all the prepping that goes on under there.

It is a roll on style - not my first choice I must admit - but I was willing to give it a go and found it wasn't bad at all.

The deodorant contains no aluminium based ingredients and, something I found a little unusual, it isn't fragranced either, but the ingredients within it still allow the body to perspire - which it needs to do - but stop any bacteria forming therefore no nasty smells are created.

Again, this is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

And it really does do the job it is intended to do too.

~ Which is great ~

Also within the box, there were a few lovely products which were totally new to me...

The Skin Milk Udder Cream was in there and now that I've used it for a little while I think it has to be my most lusted after product from the stash.

It was also the product from which MooGoo originated and I can see why - it's brilliant.

The cream is an all over moisturiser which also helps to improve skin elasticity - meaning less wrinkles and sagging - and once on the skin it feels really light and absorbs beautifully - no greasiness in sight.

The cream feels very luxurious too, and to me, it has a slight "milky" scent - which is very pleasant but is only very subtle.

It has worked wonders at ridding me of my horrid problem areas anyway - my dry knees and elbows - but also (after a patch test of course) I started to use it on Baby Baker's itchy eczema when the Doctor's recommendations didn't shift it at all.

Fantastically the Udder Cream began to lessen the redness and I found that Willow wasn't itching nearly as much - and her skin stays soft for so long after using it too.

~ Fabulous ~

Something else I use religiously on Baby Baker is the Milk Shampoo and occasionally I will add some of the Cream Conditioner into our routine too...

I find them both a lot less harsh on her extra sensitive skin than some of the other baby products we have tried - and they smell really lovely as well.

Both have helped to gently shift the unsightly cradle cap she can suffer with from time to time too.

For me, discovering MooGoo has been a huge blessing and the small section of their products I have sampled have impressed me no end.

I would certainly recommended the range to others and know I'll be adding more to my "stock" in the future.

It looks like I could be an "all natural skincare" convert after all

* products sent free of charge in exchange for an honest review - words, pictures & opinions all my own

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