Wednesday 1 June 2016

Hello Again...

I really am trying to keep on top of my blog.

No really, I am.

I know my "missing in action" status shows otherwise at the minute, but it's just proving to be a lot harder to juggle things than I ever thought possible.

Having a seven month old is a lot more time consuming than having a teeny newborn ever was - who would have thought it?!

Not that I'm grumbling, I love my baby-activity filled days but there's no way they allow any form of sentence forming to happen.

Newborn babies tend to sleep for the majority of the day so when I had one of those little humans I had posts published, planned and sat waiting, all ready to go.

Now however, my beautiful little lady naps a few times a day but for twenty minutes at an absolute maximum.

By the time I've settled her and crept downstairs then made a cuppa perhaps she's awake again - forget even looking at the laptop.

But that's not the whole story, apart from being a Mum just where have I been lately?

Exotic holidays?
Job hunting?
Lunching with the ladies?


I've been on Instagram

Hardly time productive is it but ah well, it's fab and I now have a whole new appreciation for it.

I've been loving having a good old nose through all of the amazing quality photographs and equally brilliant quick snapshots that people post.

And my own feed?

Well yes, I do realise that it is currently filled with photographs of Willow in all of her cute little outfits but I seriously can't help myself.

I mean we waited a whole lot of years for this little baby and there was even a point where we resigned ourselves to the fact that baby number two was never going to happen.

But then she arrived.

And she was a she.

Of course I was going to go all OTT on the wardrobe and accessories front - she's a girl - it had to be done.

And of course I was going to simply have to share every bow, sock and headband with the world whenever I got an opportunity.

That was a given as soon as I saw the scan photo.

But I do totally understand that not all people will appreciate seeing these things the way that I do, be they acquaintances, friends, even family - but that's fine.

I get it.

But I do love it.

And having this time on Instagram has let me find other parents - mainly Mummies but some Daddies too - that want to share their sock/bow/OOTD photos as much as I do.

~ Yay ~

They get all excited over a new hair bow release and will apply for Brand Rep opportunities even more than I do.

Instagram it would seem, has it's own little community of picture posting parents.

And I've even befriended a few too.

~ Blogging friends

~ Twitter friends

~ Insta friends

I actually have more "social media mates" than I do real-life ones... that sad...

Nah, not at all because everyone I've met is simply brilliant.

So yep, that's where I've been - scrolling and double tapping - oh - and Insta Shopping...

Oooh how I love that I've discovered some of the cutest, Insta-businesses around...but more on those little treasures later.

For now I shall love you and leave you, and will hopefully see you again very soon - this week hopefully - with another which I was more than likely intending to publish about a month ago but fell asleep before my fingers touched the keys...

That is life though eh.

Have fun!

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