Wednesday 8 June 2016

Baker Bunch?..Vlogging...? What? Why? When?

So here I am, sitting down, attempting to grab a few minutes on my laptop whilst I can (Willow is currently napping) but ignoring the fact that, once again, the blog plan I had for last week didn't go as I'd hoped.

But life just got in the way - my Mum was taken into hospital for a few days so every spare minute was spent either there, sorting her house out or trying to entertain/feed/water two kiddies.

A nightmare week really.

Which is why I'm just letting the "plan fail" slide and am moving on.

And so - Hello, I hope you are well.

Today I wanted to mention, just really quickly and really briefly, something that I've started which is a little bit different to anything I have done before.

As a family, the four of us (well three because Willow doesn't get a vote yet) have decided to begin a new little "family venture" consisting of a new blog which will have attached to it a YouTube Vlogging channel where we will upload, maybe once weekly to begin with, allowing the world to see the exciting lives we lead.

~ Ha ~

Obviously by "exciting" I just mean very normal and usually not very exciting at all.

But hey-ho, we are doing this.

But why?

Why now?

Well I think the question should really be "Why not?"

We actually first spoke about starting this whole process - more as a joke really - way back when, when I was still pregnant.

Carl and Charlie had filmed videos before and really enjoyed doing it and were both really keen but the whole idea was totally new for me and I tried to shove the idea away before anything solid became of it.

I agreed it was new and could have been really fun but having to hear myself speak on camera whilst feeling all awkward and self-conscious wasn't all that high up on my list of priorities.
(squeaky Yorkshire chipmunk anyone?)

But the Hubby being the person that he is just went on and on, prattling away about it all until he had managed to sort out our domain, had sourced some pictures and original music and everything was good to go - he was a man on a mission that's for sure.

And then, before I knew what was happening, there we were last weekend, all set to enjoy some food in Manchester, but with a plan to actually vlog...

...and I was the one holding the camera...

...I was the one trying to keep my hand steady and I was the one speaking...

And do you know what - none of it bothered me in the slightest.

OK - filming in public is going to take a bit of getting used to
(people really like to stare don't they!)

But who would have thought it eh - me - giving the vlogging lark a little go.

Of course we realise we are not now nor will we ever be a Saccone-Joly but it was actually really funny and we had such a laugh (and the odd cringe) looking through what we had filmed once we were back at home.

And this is what sways me more than anything to want to do this - whilst I may have hundreds (thousands?) of photographs and odd snippets of phone-filmed videos of the kiddies and the things we have done as a family we don't actually have anything longer than a few seconds of the things we have done or the places we have been.

Vlogging things - no matter how random or insignificant - will, if nothing else, give us a little collection of memories to be able to sit down and enjoy when we are older, and for that reason I'm all in.

Obviously there will be a few negative points to taking on a venture like this but what situation doesn't have them?



We may as well just get on with it and give it a try hadn't we.

There's no point in looking back in five years time and regretting the fact we didn't start it now is there.

And for anyone that likes that sort of stuff, by doing this now at least you'll get cute baby footage.

And as if on cue, my little Princess has had her twenty minutes nap (like clockwork this girl) so I shall have to love you and leave you - Mummy Duties call.

See you soon - and if you fancy checking "us" out - 

@BakerBunch04 on Twitter

Thanks lots

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