Wednesday 29 June 2016

Take Back The Kitchen With Wren Kitchens

I'm not going to lie, as much as I love being a Mum (and trust me, I do booming love it) there are times when it can be really hard.

There is just so much to do all of the time.

There is always lots to think about, to consider, to worry about, so when 4pm hits - teatime - there are times when healthy cooking is really not at the top of my priorities list.

But those people of mine will always need feeding and needs must I suppose, but I know I'm never going to be a lover of meal preparation or cooking - I never have been and I can't see that changing anytime soon.
(I'm lucky that the Hubby is a dab hand in the kitchen and is a lover of food creating - I tend to shove him towards the cooker whenever possible)

However saying that, now that I have children, and especially recently with Willow's arrival, I find I am more conscious about what my family is eating - I want them all to be as healthy as they possibly can be.

But it really isn't easy.

Charlie was always quite a picky veg eater when he was younger and is only just starting to broaden his food-eating horizons - it was always a case of throwing any of the healthy things he would eat towards him as often as I could but for Charlie, it became boring really quickly.

And why wouldn't it, with all those other fun looking, taste tempting and visually pleasing snacks on offer - I mean what would you pick as a child - a sugar laden treat or a banana?

You see - it's all worry, worry, worry.

So when I heard about Wren Kitchens "Take Back The Kitchen" project I was relieved to hear that the foodie worries I have are not isolated at all.

Two thousand parents took part in a survey and almost all admitted that they feel their families could actually be eating better.

So in an attempt to help tackle these issues a "Little Kitchen, Big Ideas" book was produced by Wren Kitchen's which showcases recipes, ideas and top tips from a range of UK food and parenting bloggers, helping to tweek and change eating habits by offering up healthier alternatives.

Wren Kitchens want to get people cooking, to get them back into the kitchen and really begin to make the kitchen the main focal point of a household once more.

Charlie was always one to want to bake with me when he was younger - we always had some sort of yummy treats on the go...
(I mean just how cute!!)

...but these days he's a too-cool-for-school ten year old who is far too busy for kitchen type things.

Or so I thought.

When I showed him the goodies that came within the parcel from Wren Kitchens...

...his attention was immediately spiked and he promptly took the "Little Kitchen" book away and sat looking through every page until he decided that we were going to make the Chocolate Covered Banana & Peanut Butter Bites...

They looked yummy and really quick, easy and fuss-free to make.

Plus they would offer Charlie a perfect after-school snack, giving him a quick energy boost to get him through his homework tasks whilst waiting for tea.

They are such a better alternative to a chocolate bar too and are packed with essential vitamins so obviously, I was sold on making them.

And so, Charlie got to work.

~ writing us an ingredients shopping list...

~ designing his KISS THE COOK apron...
(where this kid gets his ideas from I'll never know)

~ and then getting down to business and actually making his creations.

He was a natural and totally took charge, reading the instructions and following what he had to do step by step using all the fab (safe and plastic!) finds within our box of goodies...

He absolutely loved it and said it was something we had to do together more often.

It was really nice for me too, not only watching him enjoying himself so much but also to get a little bit of "us" time - just me and Charlie.

It's so easy to get wrapped up with the urgency of getting jobs done and trying to fit everything in around Willow that I forget sometimes that I have this beautiful, eager, willing little helper in Charlie all ready and waiting.

He did a brilliant job and the idea of swapping the unhealthy to the healthy really worked - Charlie opted against his beloved Crepe & Milk "midnight feast" (his snack before bed) and picked to have a few of these with his milk instead.

~ Fabulous ~

We're even making the Chocolate Brownies and Sweet Potato Pizza from the Little Kitchen book this weekend too.

I think we really have started to "Take Back The Kitchen" now haven't we...

And do you know what, it feels brilliant

* box of goodies sent free of charge in order to help us Take Back The Kitchen - words, makes & photos 100% my own

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