Monday 4 July 2016

A Two Week Date With Nutribuddy

Well today marks the start of a bit of a different two weeks (at least) for me.

After being an avid Slimming Worlder for near on 8 years now, I'm changing things up a little bit with the arrival of this little box of tricks which landed on my doorstep...

...a little Nutribuddy kit to help kick start myself into healthiness.

I've never been one to use any kind of meal supplements or meal replacements before and even back when I was a massive gym bunny I wasn't a protein shake drinker - it's just not something I've ever considered really.

But (I know you've heard me moan on about this before) I really need to give things a little shake up because I'm not happy with my body at the moment and I have an extra 24lb that I want rid of.

I keep calling it "baby weight" but come on, let me be honest with myself, my actual baby weight was the two stone I have already lost since having Willow eight months ago...this, well this is "excessive takeaway eating" weight.

And I've totally been making excuses and not putting in any real effort at all.

If I was happy with myself then fine, but I'm not so I'm really hoping this little lot will, if nothing else, help to change my current mindset and kick me into action a little bit.

Being at home with Willow most of the time has resulted in me falling into a little bit of a snacking rut.

I eat all the wrong things and then take myself off to weigh in every week with my fingers crossed and prayers being whispered in a hope that wearing my lightest clothes will bring on a loss.

...a loss that eating healthily would have certainly made happen.

I'm my own worst enemy right now and I'm hoping Nutribuddy will help sort me out.

No pressure Nutibuddy, no pressure.

So, within this little kit I found...

~ a packet of Vanilla (or chocolate) flavoured Sculpting Whey...

~ a shake bottle

~ 14 days worth of multi-vitamin capsules

~ a packet of Hunger Fix capsules

~ a weight loss guide and a recipe book...

I'll admit that I'm already a little dubious about trying some of the recipes because I just know a lot won't fit in with my day to day life but it's OK - although my snacking is terrible right now, my meals are usually very healthy and are all Slimming World based so I'm sure if I keep going the way I am in this area then I should still be on the right track.

Even so, using the Sculpting Whey will be very different for me (a serving equates to 6 syns - I've checked, I couldn't help myself) but I am going to give it a try and think I will be using it at lunchtime as a food substitute.

I'm using the word "substitute" here very lightly though because it's a very occasion that I actually eat food at lunch time - there's always so much to do but my current "grab a handful of biscuits on the go" isn't doing me any favours - having a shake has got to be a better option.

Plus the ingredients within the whey - green tea and guarana -  are sad to aid weight loss by speeding up the metabolism so fingers crossed this is the case for me too.

Part of the two week programme discourages alcohol drinking which I don't do anyway so that's fine and dandy (I much prefer my calories in an edible form) but I can't be giving up on my coffee...oooh no way...come on, a girl has got to have something!

I also really like that there is a lot of water drinking encouraged within this plan because it's something I really need to improve on - I don't drink nearly enough as I should.

It's all change, change, change.

And let's hope there's a change on the number on my scales in a few weeks, eh

* kit sent free of charge to use and review. Words & pictures all my own

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