Wednesday 20 July 2016

An iwoot ladies mystery goody box? Yes. I Want One Of Those

Nothing beats a really good delivery day does it.

All those lovely parcels and exciting letters (bills excluded obviously) landing on your doorstep.

I'm like a cat on a hot tin roof when I hear the postman - Usain Bolt's got nothing on me when that letter box goes let me tell you.

Parcel deliveries have to be my absolute favourite, especially those unexpected, surprise parcels that are crammed full with lovely goodies.

So when the Hubby went to an event in Manchester a little while ago and the fab organisers sent him home with lots of treats, some of which were for lucky old me, well, I could hardly contain myself.

To say I was thrilled was an understatement and straight away I delved inside the box of goodies - an iwoot ladies mystery gift box - and found it simply fabulous...

Through past experiences I know all too well how sometimes "a surprise" in a goody box can often be a little underwhelming but not in this case, everything I pulled out was brilliant.

But then again I think everything iwoot have to offer is brilliant so I couldn't fail to be impressed really.

So what did I find?

Well, we had...

~ a chilli-plant-in-a-tin...

My son loved this the second he saw it - not because he's a fan of chillis or anything but because it looks rather cool doesn't it and it really seemed to intrigue him.

And for a ten year old boy I suppose this is a fairly cool way of learning how to keep plants alive, watching them grow and thrive.

For me, the fact that it seems fairly easy to keep alive is a bonus.

~ an amazing looking box of chocolates...

Now I have to apologise - before I managed to get a photo of these (and they were SO photogenic too) my son (and I!) demolished the lot...

...I feel so "un-blogger" but the plan was to pinch a couple - just one each - and then strategically arrange the box in the photographs so that no-one would notice that we had been naughty.

But when I went back for my photo taking, the box looked like this...

Yep - my son sure did enjoy these...

But I suppose that only highlights just how great they were doesn't it.

And they were really good - big chunks of yummy white and milk chocolate, shaped and decorated to look like traditional, all time favourite biscuits.

~ I want more ~

~ a Rockstar Nails Hippie Chick guitar shaped nail file...

...which can't fail to make nail care fun - I wouldn't be ashamed of pulling this out of my bag anyway that's for sure.

~ an array of top branded skincare goodies...

Fabulous skincare is never a disappointment - especially when it's from trusted, well-known brands.

~ a cute "Homemade" cookie stamper...

...which I thought was really nice and a tad different.

Myself and my son have always loved baking and have recently got ourselves back into the kitchen (see here) so this will be perfect for being able to put our own stamp (get it!) on our wonderful creations

~ a portable phone charger...

...because with all the social media checking, internet browsing and selfie taking to do, who doesn't need an emergency stash of battery life in their bag?

My Hubby's been after this since he first spotted it - the cheeky so and so - like he didn't get enough treats of his own!

And so what do I think?

Well I reckon everyone should have at least one of these boxes gifted for a special occasion - the surprise factor is brilliant and they certainly raise a smile or two...oh and there are ones for the men too.

And I mean, why would you not want to treat yourself?

* a free gift item not sent for review, but I was so pleased, I reviewed anyway. Words, thoughts & pictures all my own

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