Friday 26 August 2016

Baby Baker Friday - Holidaying & A Bit Of Fleecey Comfort

So as you know, I decided that Friday's on the blog would be dedicated to my pregnancy and my status of "Mum".

I know it's not something everyone wants to read about but it is something that I really wanted to do - so I'm doing it - after all, being pregnant and having two beautiful children is huge and I really wanted to share bits and pieces of what is going on in my life amongst these pages.

So here we go

~ Baby Baker Friday ~

As you may have seen, we recently headed over to a very sunny and very warm Hornsea for our first holiday as a family of four.

It was really nice to do something different but I reckon before we went I had a way too positive and slightly unrealistic perception of what travelling with a little one would be like.

Don't get me wrong, having quality family time was really lovely but ooooh, being away from home with a small baby is a lot more hard work than I remembered.
(But all of that is a post for a later date!)

Or maybe it's just me being fussy - I am a person who likes to have all of her essentials close to hand.

But either way, something that I did find really helpful - just for my own sanity if nothing else - was having Willow well rested at night time after those long, busy days spent out and about.

I'm not entirely sure how I would have coped if she hadn't been able to have had a proper nights sleep.

And whilst I am very grateful to the owners of the cottage where we stayed for leaving us a travel cot to use (one which looked brand new too) to me, travel cots - the ones I have experienced anyway - never look like the most comfortable of things to be spending vast amounts of time in.

The mattresses are obviously made for ease of storage and foldability with comfort taking a slight backseat and I actually have no idea how any little one could manage a good nights sleep on one.

Luckily for me then, before we went away I was sent this Travel Cot Liner from The Junior Fine Bedding Company (fancy pants eh) to take along with me.

The Fine Bedding Company are known for providing some pritty super luxurious bedding items and have now decided that the little ones deserve some of this at bedtime too.

~ Fabulous ~

And after using it I don't think I can stress enough just how much the added luxuriousness helped us out.

The cot liner arrived all packaged up in it's own easy clean, easy carry case and was small, light and fit really easily into the car - I can't see how taking it abroad would be an issue either really, it's that portable.

And because of how compact it looked I was actually quite surprised with just how soft and fluffy it was when I opened it up...

Both sides of the cot liner are made from contrasting materials - the bottom is waterproof, non-slip and textured helping the liner stay fixed in place, whilst the top layer is a super soft, mega comfy polyester fleece.

It is absolutely perfect for adding some comfy cushioning to an otherwise fairly un-padded mattress.

And trust me, it worked like a charm.

Despite being in a strange place, in a strange room, in a strange bed, once I put Willow down for the night she slept soundly and I have to put the majority of this sheer magic down to her feeling super comfy and super cosy - she doesn't even sleep like that in her own bed at home.

Full thanks going straight to the cot liner for this.

It will certainly be coming with us on our travels in the future without a doubt - it's fab.

But if I had to find a negative - if that's what you would call it - I have to mention that the liner was a tad smaller than the cot we used so it didn't fully cover the whole of the mattress.

I placed it in the centre of the cot and once the bed sheet was covering it there was a slight dip at both the top and bottom of the mattress where the liner didn't quite reach.

Hardly the problem of the year and obviously it wouldn't even be present at all if the travel cot used was smaller and had the same 66cm x 99cm dimensions as the cot liner.

But even with this "issue" present, I found that Willow tended to stay on the comfy section throughout the night anyway - she's not daft that one.

This aside I have to say that the cot liner was pritty much perfect and it certainly did it's job for us.

I will be telling anyone I know travelling with teeny ones to pop this on their "Must Buy" list that's for sure and I'm going to be stocking up on a few of the other available baby bedtime items to use at home too...

A peaceful nights sleep is worth it's weight in gold after all

* item sent for review - all words, thoughts & opinions 100% my own

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