Tuesday 2 August 2016

Have A Date Night With A Difference Thanks to "Plan Our Date"

Anyone and everyone who knows me - whether personally or through social networks - will know that I'm a very happily married lady and have been now for almost five years.

My Hubby is a bit of a loon at times, but I wouldn't change him (...well, for Channing Tatum perhaps...) and it's crazy to think that although this year will be our fifth wedding anniversary we have actually been together now for a massive thirteen years.

Thirteen years

~ Wow ~

But after all of those crazy long years, and with two beautiful children in tow nowadays, there is a major lack of any kind of "us time".

There's always something that needs to be done, someone that needs looking after and the time we do have together usually involves curling up on the sofa with a movie, our ten year old wedged between us and the baby monitor switched on to loud.

But I wouldn't change it for anything - nothing beats spending time with my family, and going "out-out" is so over-rated anyway...
(Yes I know - I'm old)

But when I was asked recently about our Date Nights I was a little bit flummoxed if I'm honest.

A Date Night?

What's a Date Night?

We haven't had any type of night off or night out since before I became pregnant - and that was eighteen months ago now - so when I heard about Plan Our Date I was really quite intrigued.

Plan Our Date are a newly formed subscription box service who will send items direct to your home which will put a fun, unique spin on date night.

And what's better is it won't simply be your run of the mill night in front of the TV either.

The activities are more likely to be things you would never usually associate with a date, well, that was certainly true of the box I received anyway...

Our instruction manual informed me that on our date we would be popping on a pre-selected Spotify Date Night ready soundtrack and would begin by playing a "Who Knows Who?" game...

...we would then indulge in a little pancake making - and pancake with syrup eating (yum!)...

...before getting all serious and attempting to draw and paint "Our Favourite Activity" - whilst snacking on a mahoosive bag of yummy popcorn...

I mean if that's not unexpected then I don't know what is.

It's going to be such a blooming laugh and is certainly something different.

I'm so rubbish at anything arty and would never sit down and paint (unless it's with the kiddies) but thinking about it, I really should - the Hubby loves painting and is really good at it too.

Maybe this date box will actually teach me something too - that I should make more effort to get involved with the Hubby's interests maybe...

Anyway, I think it's going to be really nice to take a little step back from everything, even if just for a short while, and simply enjoy having a laugh together - which we do anyway - but by knowing that this is "our time" should help push away other distractions.

I can't wait.

Oh, and to finish off the date perfectly we also have two tea bags and an After Eight each - well - we are Yorkshire Folk after all and nothing quite beats a good old cuppa at the end of the night...

I really did think this subscription box was a whole lot of fun and it has a really unique concept too - I've certainly never heard of anything like it before anyway.

If you fancy having a delve into one yourself, Plan Our Date have passed on a few fabulous offers ready for their launch on 20th August...

SIMONE50 will get you a massive 50% off your first box

FIRST MONTH will get you your first months box free when signing up to a three month subscription

Fab eh!

And if that wasn't enough, there's a cheeky competition below to win a free date box too - just click on the link...

And when you do sign up, please, please, please let me know what your date box contains - I'm nosy like that you see.

Happy Date Night

* box sent free of charge to have a look at & review - thoughts, opinions & pictures all my own

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