Monday 1 August 2016

Starting The Month The Right Way - Organised with Unique Planners

~ Happy August everyone ~

Is there any better way to start a brand new, fresh, anything-can-happen month than with a little organisation?

Nope - I think not.

And I decided to go with a little bit of organisation in a Unique Planner kind of a way.

I know for sure that I'm not alone in my need to be organised - my Twitter feed is always full of bullet journal tips, pretty stationary and fancy pants stickers - everyone wants to plan, be organised and know just what on earth it is that they are doing.

I certainly have this need to know exactly where I'm supposed to be and when I'm supposed to be there

I need dates, times, locations and all as far in advance as is humanly possible and having these things makes me very happy and a lot more relaxed.

However ever since becoming pregnant with Willow I think my brain may have turned into some kind of mushed up baby-talking matter - I'm just so blooming forgetful all of the time.
(can I even still blame it on "Baby Brain" nine months on...?)

~ Whenever I put things away in a safe place I forget where that safe place is.
(there's a fair few treasures sat laughing at me in my home, waiting to be rediscovered I know that for sure)

~ I've had occasions recently where I've been really looking forward to meeting up with friends but then realise a day too late that I've totally missed the event - by a full week.
(I mean who even does that!?)

~ It's crazy ~

Even my trusty, I'm never without handbag diary doesn't seem to be helping anymore.

I mean, yes I have it there to hand each and every day but I've forgotten to get it out and jot things into it on more than one occasion lately.

I think the only thing to help me now was something bright, bold, totally in your face and would be able to sit in my home, visible, on view all the time and unable to be forgotten...

Oh and if like magic - "Hello there" you bright, colourful piece of organisational loveliness, you.

Fab isn't it?

I really don't think I'll ever be able to miss this huge, A4 Unique Planner now do you.

I actually designed it myself - very quick, easy and simple to do on-line - in such a style that it would always catch my eye and trigger my ridiculously poor memory into using it.

As well as the bold, bright cover, I picked out the size - A4 so it can sit in my kitchen and won't be lost under a pile of papers (or the cat) - and I decided on all the fab, fancy gold detailing too...

...I even chose the layout of the pages...

...and some helpful, added extra sections at the back...

It really is a "unique" Unique Planner.

I was so impressed by the quality of it when it arrived - it's fab - all chunky, bright and fun looking, it really is pretty and eye catching.

Which is just what I need to help me right now - especially with these added extra stickers to fancy-pants it up even more...

It's going to be so useful and I can't wait to get stuck into using it properly.

And if you fancy popping together your own Unique Planner and start the month off as you mean to go on (no time like the present eh) feel free to use my discount code for a fabulous 15% off your creation...


Happy Planning - and let me know what style of planner you create

* planner provided free of charge for review - words, thoughts & images 100% my own
** code valid until end of 2016

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