Tuesday 27 September 2016

On Roundhay - A Fabulous Family, Fun-Filled Festival Hits Leeds

I quite like to think of myself as being a bit of a "cool mum"
(I do realise that by actually stating this it makes me VERY un-cool)

I'm quite open and honest with my kiddies and I know Charlie has no problem at all in talking to me about anything, and long may it last.

I wouldn't say we are particularly strict parents either - we obviously have boundaries and have rules which, so far anyway, Charlie understands, respects and on the whole, abides by.

I actually couldn't be prouder of the young man he is becoming - my little star.

Anyway, being all hip and "with it", when we had the opportunity to attend On Roundhay festival in Leeds (see post here) a few weekends ago we jumped at the chance.

The whole day, for us, was focused around the kiddies and there was so much for them to to whilst running about outdoors - it certainly sounded like a whole lot of fun.

And fun it was.
(I even got myself a new job title...!)

On the day, the sun was shining, the kiddies were very well behaved and so off we went.

We arrived really early - more or less as the gates were opening - so the festival was fairly empty at first but having an eleven month old with us we knew there would be no chance of staying until the late hours so we wanted to enjoy as much of the sunshine as possible.

So where did we head first?

Do you even know us?!

The food area of course!

The boys tucked into some of the delights on offer - a familiar Rola Wala for my son and a mahoosive Piggie Smalls Hot Dog for the Hubby.

I was very tempted by the offerings coming out of the Crabbieshack but I sorted my little lady out first and then grabbed a grilled cheese sandwich (yum!) from The Sela Bar Food Truck whilst everyone else devoured some very amazing smelling Churros which were covered in yummy, warm, gooey melted chocolate...

~ Yum ~

And so, as our days always revolve around the children now, we spent most of our time in the child friendly area.

~ We relaxed on the grass listening to a Beatrix Potter type lady reading lovely stories...

~ We watched sack races and we hoola-hooped.

~ We listened to some fabulous music too but, unlike some of the other seasoned festival go-ers, we settled for coffees rather than beers...or wine...

Well, when you need a brew, you need a brew.

And boy did we enjoy it.

I do have to add though when I pop out for the day with my little lady I always have a few little worries niggling away at the back of my mind - where do I feed her and where do I change her but On Roundhay had these aspects totally covered.

And I was mega impressed...

I mean just look at those changing facilities - they were better than a lot of shops, restaurants and even fancy hotels I've been to recently and it made such a difference to the day.

No worries meant more fun and enjoyment could be had.

Oh - and everything was replenished and checked for cleanliness constantly throughout the day too - twice within a ten minute block when I was there, which was fabulous.

There was even a buggy park and a very well equipped feeding area too...

Everything was simply spot on.

On Roundhay was the first festival of it's kind to hit Roundhay Park and I for one really hope it becomes a regular feature because it was simply amazing.

The adults had their fun and the kiddies had their fun - both combined made for a very perfect family day out.

Well done On Roundhay - a family festival done very, very right

* tickets provided free of charge - words, thoughts & pictures all my own

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