Tuesday 4 October 2016

Savisto - Adding A Little Extra *POP* To Movie Night

Once Upon A Time, what seems like a long, long time ago now, way back when before my two beautiful kiddies came into the world I did have quite a busy social life you know.

There were times when myself and the Hubby (the then boyfriend) would hit the town four nights each and every week  - we had those "£10 in all you can drink" Thursday nights, we had the standard going out Friday and Saturday's, and if you stayed in on a Sunday, well that was it - catastrophe - so that was a must too.

~ Phew ~

Looking back I'm not sure how I managed (or afforded) it all but those certainly were eventful - and quite hungover - days.

These days though, never mind going out four nights a week - it takes me four days to feel remotely human again after just one night out - I'm terrible - and haven't actually been "out-out" in well over two years now.

Nope, no alcohol for me, Saturday nights are now made for family time - my two boys, Willow tucked up in bed and a good movie ready and waiting.

And naturally there are always snacks on offer - things I often try (and fail) to avoid but come on - what's a Family Film Night without stacks of sweet treats to devour.

Hmmm...especially popcorn - the two things go hand in hand, and now, with my new kitchen addition even I can join in with the goodies too.

Savisto - who are a fabulous new company specialising in all things fancy for the kitchen (they really do have everything!) - very kindly, sent me this very cool, very retro looking popcorn maker and I think it's just brilliant.

I mean how could I not - warm, fresh popcorn made just how we like it and in the comfort of our own home too - fabulous.

Even I can Syn (Slimming World talk!) the popcorn kernels and cover them with sweetener so I'm able to dig in and still remain relatively healthy.

The popcorn maker is so quick, simple and easy to use too...

~ simply fill the lid with the kernels...

~ pour the kernels inside the machine, pop the lid back on and switch on the power...

~ then wait literally seconds for the popcorn to start a-popping everywhere...

My son loves it (obviously!) and has made a point of using it a fair few times now, especially when his friends come around.
(the little show off!)

And it really does make Saturday Film Nights a little bit more special and a whole lot more exciting.

Plus, let's face it, it makes my kitchen look extra fabulous sitting there looking all pretty too.

Hmmm...who's the show off now...

* item sent fee of charge to review - words, thoughts & images all my own

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