Tuesday 18 October 2016

Bed Guru Help Me Get A #CosyWinterBed

You may have seen me moaning (what time I hear you ask!) over on social media recently about the teeny tiny size of my house.

It's not the disaster of the year I know, but it really is far too small for us all now - I mean who knew a little one year old human came with so much stuff?

I've had to relax my slightly OCD tendencies and face facts that my usually tidy living room will now be littered with brightly coloured plastic and flashing, singing, dancing toys for quite a few years to come.

I actually can not wait now until we are in a position to be able to upgrade to something bigger - something with actual storage space - and not just so I can stop moaning about it either - Willow adores going to sit in her brother's room and I would love her to have a little space all of her own.

But, because this isn't happening anytime soon I decided I had to make a few changes to make a little bit more of our bedroom for her.

Now whilst I was pregnant we totally gutted our room (see here) but even after that change nothing was yelling "Little Girl's Bedroom" to me so, just in time for her first birthday, I had a little shuffle around, shoved things up into the loft and came up with this...

It's not finished yet - there are still a few finishing touches to add but I think it's a start for her to be able to think "Yep, this is my room".

(there's always a "but" isn't there!)

...this then led to the problem of me not being happy with my bed and how it looked - it made the room look really drab and mismatched and I wanted comfy and cosy.

And so, with the help of Bed Guru (who are a bed retailer specialising in sleep who, because they love what they do so much, have recently launched a new range of bedding specifically sized to fit their custom made beds and mattresses) and their #CosyWinterBed campaign I was able to tweek things a little bit more this weekend using the fab kit they sent me...

And I am so pleased with how it all turned out.

I think there's a real difference in how things did look...

...to how things do look...

And it didn't take much to create either - I added a super soft, fluffy throw (which Willow just adores touching) and some cute fairy lights...

...and then I obviously had to nip out to buy a lovely new bedding set to complete the look too and now I think the room as a whole flows so much better - it looks like one complete space now, fitting together properly without looking all disjointed.

I love it.

But what else could I do to amp up the cosy factor?

How about adding some toasty-toe socks, a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a hot water bottle tucked under my arm and the relaxing scent of a lovely vanilla candle, flickering away in the background - oh and put a good book in my hand too of course...

Yes - now that will do nicely - a #CosyWinterBed in all it's glory.

I really love my cosy bedroom so much more now

* #CosyWinterBed kit sent free of charge - pictures, words, images 100% my own

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