Thursday 20 October 2016

Everything £5 Offer A Helping Hand To Shake Up My Wardrobe

When it comes to clothes shopping for myself I'm really quite a disaster zone these days.

I used to love nothing more than spending every spare minute I had flitting around the shops - I don't think a week went by without me picking up at least one full new outfit.

But not these days - nope - now my wardrobe is filled with either really old tatty, baggy things which could never be worn again or really fancy, sparkly, way too small numbers which will remain hiding out of sight for a good while yet...until I can fit back into them that is.

I find it really hard to part with cash for myself though and I suppose part of that comes from the fact that I still want to shift another stone and a half in weight.

Spending loads on a full new wardrobe only for it not to fit soon (well, hopefully soon!) isn't really my idea of fun so I'm avoiding shopping of any kind.
(unless it's for the kids - then I go blooming crayzee...but that's another story)

But then, Everything £5 stepped in...

And I now have a way to be able to shop for the size I am at the moment and then, when I hit target, I can shop again and feel no guilt whatsoever.

~ How marvellous ~

I did actually discover Everything £5 way back in the early days of my blog and I wrote a little wishlist type post all about them but, until recently, I had never actually placed an order.

Which I think was because I was a little worried about the quality of the things I would be getting and I suppose that is only natural when you hear that every item - from boots to t-shirts to coats and shoes - will only ever be £5.

But do you know what - I was so impressed with what I saw that I actually placed two orders within the space of a week and, although I did get the sizing wrong on a few things and had to return them, I was on the whole really pleased with what I received.

But how do they do it?

How do they manage to offer up a snazzy pair of winter boots for just £5?

Well Everything £5 don't actually produce the clothing themselves, they source items from a whole host of different stores - many are very well known highstreet/online places too - and they are then able to sell them onto us with the very cheap and cheerful £5 pricetag.

I mean yes, OK, some of the things weren't to my taste at all, but I could log onto any online shop and find things that I'm not keen on too so this wasn't an issue, I simply focused my attentions on the things that I did like.

And so, as I sat and waited for my two orders to arrive Everything £5 actually contacted me and asked if I would like to choose another twelve pieces (yes - twelve whole items which totalled to a not so massive £60 - what a bargain!) and feature some of them on my blog...

...and well yes, yes I did fancy doing this very much...

Didn't I shop well!

Between all of my items from the three fairly huge deliveries I've managed to piece together some fairly fabulous outfits.

The majority of the things I chose were because I really need to step away from my grey hoodie and become less of a Slummy Mummy and more of a person not to embarrass my son on the school run...

I love this super comfy and loose fitting floral trousers with this very well matching white casual top...

And I blooming adore these biker boots - the look fab with skinny jeans tucked in or with little tea dresses and thick black tights...

...they are SO comfortable too - perfect for this cold, dreary, wet weather I keep waking up to.

Within my orders I did included a few more dressy bits too - I mean, I may not have been "out-out" for over two years now (!!!) but you never know when an occasion may present itself, and now, well now I am prepared...

The heels are just fab - high without being too high and the fringe detail at the back adds something a little bit more to any outfit...

I reckon at just £5 an item I'm totally justified in having nice outfits stashed away for those rare occasions out now aren't I.

I was so pleased with everything.

But as I mentioned above, I did have to return a few things and I found that whole process really easy and stress free too.

I covered the returns cost myself on eight items, which I think was actually only a few pounds, and then within a matter of days I received a returns confirmation email and then the money hit my account shortly after that.

And what I did approve of - a lot actually - was that, whilst the initial postage costs are slightly higher than most other shops, when you return items, Everything £5 will also refund a portion of the postage back to you too, so there's no loosing out at all.

~ Fab ~

I had a really good few experiences ordering from Everything £5 and I 100% will be placing an order (or two!) again soon.

Well, for the sake of a fiver, it would be so rude not to...

* 12 items sent for free - all words, opinions & pictures are 100% my own

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