Friday 11 November 2016

A Fabulous MegaBleu Toy Bundle

So the kiddies have only just had their birthday's.

Christmas is but weeks away.

I'm struggling like crazy at what to buy them as it is.

So is it naughty then that they have little surprise treat bundles arriving on the doorstep?

...well...maybe it is...but they are good kids...

Anyway, our latest little treat bundle was actually just for my son this time - that fabulous-just-turned-eleven-year-old of mine.

He is at an age now where knowing what to buy him for Christmas and birthday's becomes slightly more difficult than before.

He doesn't want toys as gifts these days - it's all computer games, clothes or "just money please".
(where has my baby gone!?!)

However when his fabulous goodies arrived from MegBleu - a French toy retailer offering a brilliant range of games within the UK - he was very intrigued to say the least...

...and can you blame him - they look fab don't they.

Now both of the games have a recommended age of around five or six years plus, but trust me, with the amount of fun we had with them I really wouldn't base my "should I buy this for an older child" decision on the age rating at all - if I had then we would have missed out on two brilliant products and a whole lot of laughs.

I mean, I'm almost thirty-three (sob!) and Charlie has just hit eleven and we blooming loved them.

First up we had Name That ...

...which is a fabulous little game, stashed away in a handy, easily portable tin container making it perfect to pass the time on long car journeys.

The idea is so simple - shuffle the cards, turn over the top one and the first person to name what it is asking but by using the letter from the card below takes the card...

...and the winner is the person with the most cards at the end of play.

~ Simple
~ Fun
~ Entertaining

Plus, depending on how the cards are shuffled and placed in the pile, the answers will always have to start with a different letter meaning answer possibilities are endless - the game is ever-changing and ever-different.

~ Fabulous ~

We even mixed it up a little bit more by putting time limits on giving an answer - that little bit of added extra pressure produced a lot of weird and wonderful things to spring from our (my son's!) mouths...

"Q: A car make beginning with.... 'N'
My Son: ....Nokia..."


This game is certainly coming with us on our Christmas Day family visits that's for sure.

~ It is just brilliant ~

And something else which is brilliant is the Ghost Hunt Evolution game...

Now with this game, whilst I know my son really, really wanted it a while ago, I was a little apprehensive that he would now think it was way too young for him and that he wouldn't fully get on board at looking at it with me.

Oh how wrong was I!

He thought it was fabulous.

We popped in some batteries, synced the gun to the skull projector (very easy to do) and then turned out all of the lights in our kitchen and began shooting at the laser projected ghosts and bats which started to appear around the room.

There are three differing difficulty levels on the skull too so the game can be advanced and made harder as and when you choose.

And then, to take it even further there is an option to play with a friend and try to beat each others scores.

You can even pop on the included glasses, which create something like spider-eye vision and this then creates the illusion that the one laser image is nine and the aim then is to shoot the "real" image making the game even harder...

We had a blast (literally!) and, whilst really rather loud, the scary Halloween-type noises coming from the gun really helped to set the creepy mood...especially with the lights out.

So it just goes to show doesn't it, even if you have a too-cool-for-school "I'm not into toys anymore" person to buy for, there really are options out there to bring out that inner child in anyone.

And MegaBleu certainly helped us with this

* post contains PR samples - all words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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