Thursday 10 November 2016

A Crisp White Wardrobe Staple From Luxurious Label, GANT

I'm sure you've seen me prattling on about this many a time now, but I make no secret of the fact that my fashion-depleted wardrobe needs a massive makeover - I've literally been living in the same few pairs of Primark jeans and oversized from-the-mens-section-hoodies for the past year.

It's the comfort and ease of just throwing them on in a mad rush which works for me you see...well...I say it works - it kind-of-sort-of-does during the week on those school run kind of mornings but not so much when I'm actually going somewhere...

...then, well, then I tend to feel like...well not like a married, thirty-two (very nearly thirty-three *cry face*) year old Mum of two that's for sure.

But I am getting there.

I think.

Slowly but surely, as these remaining pounds come off, my wardrobe is being updated.

And my latest wardrobe "update" was something that I think everyone needs to have - a lovely, smart, crisp white shirt...

...and this shirt came from the extremely luxurious clothing label GANT nonetheless.

I know, I know - very fancy indeed.

The shirt itself is made from a really thick, luxury cotton - it's one of those items that you know, just by feeling it, that it is well made and of really good quality...

I really do think this shirt would be something that would look fabulous teamed with smart trousers and heels or tucked into a pencil skirt for an amazing bit of power dressing...

But it also works equally as well dressed up with a pair of high waisted skinnies, heels and a leather jacket for drinks with the girls.

Hmmm yes - very nice.

But the look I would probably go for?

Well, I'm still job-hunting so out goes the need for power dressing and I'm a bit (lot!) of a social recluse right now so the drinks? - nope, not likely.

No, for me, this fabulous piece of shirtery (is this even a word?!) works amazingly well dressed down with my trusty jeans and my even more trustworthy, comfy trainers to create a fab every day, smart-casual kind of an effect...

It really is a fab and very versatile little item wouldn't you say?

The ideal wardrobe staple I reckon

* PR Sample - words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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