Thursday 17 November 2016

bonprix Present The Fabulous #bonprixOnTheRocks

Well check me out eh.

Saturday night - donning a lovely frock, actually brushing and straightening my hair and even popping on a bit of lippie.

Just who on earth do I think I am?

A frazzled, sleep-deprived Mummy well in need of a beverage or two and a long overdue natter with the ladies without having to worry about bottles and wipes and nappies that's who.

Don't get me wrong, I love all of these things more than anything, but having a few little hours to myself was absolutely fabulous.

But where did I head to?

Well this is where things get even better - my destination for the evening was the very swanky Malmaison in Leeds where I schmoozed and mingled with a whole host of lovely blogger ladies - many of which I've had the pleasure of meeting before and some I was lucky enough to be meeting for the very first time.

And why where we all there?

It was all in aid of the very fabulous bonprix event - #bonprixOnTheRocks.

Now I just need to mention here that every photograph in this post was taken by the very professional photographer Matt who was present throughout the event.

He was very lovely and an actual blog post saviour - I did take some snaps of my own but, whilst the lighting in the rooms was very soothing and atmospheric, it proved rubbish for decent photograph taking so I'm more than pleased that we have the professional shots on hand.

And so, we arrived at the event and from the very offset we were plied with alcohol and encouraged to sit, relax and mingle...

~ Bliss ~

I thought it was such a great touch too that whilst every lady in the room was dressed by bonprix not one of us had the same outfit on...

Everyone had picked out something different and had then styled it up to suit their own individuality and everyone looked amazing...

The dress I opted for was maybe something I wouldn't have picked before having Willow, but I'll be honest, my initial outfit search focused on finding something which wasn't Mummy Tummy hugging - I'm still not happy with my figure at all but I felt really comfortable on the night and received lots of lovely compliments - which was more than nice.

And I did actually really like my dress too...

So thanks lots bonprix - you seem to have dresses fit for every criteria and every situation.

Sections of the evening were spent being split into two groups and alternately we went into an adjoining room to make two yummy cocktails with the professional cocktail maker...

~ A gin infused "Sassy Sapphire"...

~ and a very strong, vodka laced "Pink Lady"...

Which included an "on it's own, take me back fifteen years, shot of vodka"...and from a wine glass no less...

The yummy canapes we enjoyed throughout the evening were very much needed (and were very welcome by all) with the amounts of alcohol being consumed, feeding was the only way to try and avoid poorly heads the following morning let me tell you...

It was a really lovely, relaxed, well thought out event and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I'm so pleased bonprix allowed me to be a part of it.

Thanks lots for having me bonprix

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