Saturday 5 November 2016

Getting Party Season Ready With The Help Of Simply Be

It's been quite a long while since I contemplated getting involved in the whole party season malarkey, so I haven't had to consider what glam-ness I should or shouldn't be wearing for quite some time now.

However with my birthday looming ever closer and a night out planned, I figured I should at least start thinking about looking at picking out an outfit.

After all, from this month onwards isn't it supposed to be all party, party party...?

Well, I began my search anyway and do you know, whilst I've never actually considered heading over to Simply Be before I was amazed with what I found and I love the items I picked up.

I'm really not sure why I've never shopped there before.

Now, as I said above, it has been a while since I ventured "out-out" properly...a few years now (really!) in fact...but even before that, when I was a little "in the know" with what I liked to wear on nights out it was still never an easy task for me to actually find things I liked, so now, well now the task is even harder.

However a lovely Simply Be navy blue, deep V, wrap around body suit top immediately caught my eye and I had to have it.

The wrap-around style means it can be made as booby as desired and the colour is fabulous but it was the loose-over-the-tummy-area style which sold it to me...

~ Perfect ~

It is really quite flattering and straight away I knew I wanted to team it with something silver and this long, shimmery maxi skirt I recently picked up was ideal...

I just love how the material from the top drapes over the waist band of the skirt helping to hide a multitude of sins.

I think I may have to sideline this for the birthday outing though and keep it for when the warmer weather arrives again...

...well, I am getting old now ya know...

But something which certainly will not be sat unworn, waiting for the seasons to change is this amazing tobacco coloured, faux fur trimmed parka...

I blooming love this and it is perfect for the chillier temperatures we are experiencing right now, and I know, I know, it isn't typically "party outfit" attire is it, but it does work perfectly for a party I am going to today...

~ A bonfire party ~

I mean parties for us Mum-Of-Two aren't all about heels and shots ya know, sometimes they are about wrapping up, throwing on a pair of jeans, a keep-the-feet-dry pair of boots and keeping as toasty and warm as possible.

This jacket is perfect for that...

And bonfire parties are a very important part of the year after all and I know I will need to keep as warm as I possibly can but who says that can't mean looking great too?

This coat not only looks amazing but because it isn't too padded I can throw it on over my big woolly jumpers to stay warm but still be comfortable and, obviously, feel very fabulous too.

I really do love it.

And so, after this very successful mini shopping spree I shall now be making sure Simply Be is a place I turn to more often when (if I ever do!) I manage to hit those shops for myself.

I mean just look at the gems I could have missed out on if I didn't

*PR Samples sent for review - all words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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