Friday 16 December 2016

Crayola's Doodle Delirium - Board Game Review

Christmas day and board games.

The two go hand in hand right?

Almost as much as Christmas dinner and yummy sprouts?

Well that's certainly the way it is in my house anyway.

I love board games - anything that gets us together as a family and pushes out all of that social media and technology - even if just for a short time - will always get plus points from me.

Unfortunately though it is something which tends to happen less and less now, that whole "lets sit down together with a game" scenario and it's a real shame.

But a rarity or not, I'm making sure it will be happening this Christmas.

My son - who very often surprises me with his reactions to things - will tell me that he doesn't like playing games all that much anymore and that they are "too babyish" but then when he spots this little set up...

...he totally floors me with his enthusiasm and genuine eagerness to get started.

And as you can see, the game we have been playing recently is Crayola's Doodle Delirium...

And doesn't it look really fun and enticing - and that's just from looking at the box - those colours just draw you to it - no wonder my son couldn't resist.

Anyway, after playing a few times I can safely say that this game is a winner.

The aim is to pair up or work in teams and then by throwing the dice - which determines the colour card to be picked up - either draw, make a model, 'scribble a riddle' or create a paper masterpiece so your team can guess one of the objects on the card.

But no speaking.

The winning team is the first one to have moved their Pip-Squeak counter to the finish...

There are ways to extend the game too, making it slightly harder which is great as it means things don't get boring.

It looked like a whole lot of fun even before the box was opened and I have to say that once we got stuck in - Oh. My. Goodness. - it is blooming brilliant.

Seriously - if you still have someone to buy a Christmas gift for, even if (like my son) you don't think they "do" board games anymore, go and get them this - no matter if they are aged nine or seventy-nine, male or female - they can't fail to love it...

~ It is brilliant and so much fun ~

Throughout the game we had an array of weird and wonderful drawings - my son found my never-going-to-win-artist-of-the-year efforts hilarious but his, well they were really great actually...

And whilst I thought the model making section would be really difficult (not to mention the 'paper mash-up' creating), whilst it was for some of the options - the ones I tried to avoid as best as I could - the others were perfectly achievable.
(well for my son anyway - it turns out I'm just rubbish!)

All of the moulding, drawing and making has to be done in a set amount of time too which obviously adds a little bit of pressure to the game and it had us howling in laughter at times, watching other people stressing, trying to draw basic, often very everyday objects.

It was so much fun and I'm taking it with us wherever we may be going this Christmas.

It's a real get-everyone-together kind of a game and it certainly knows how to get the party started.

Thanks again Crayola - you will 100% be providing us with a whole lot of laughs this festive period

* PR Sample sent for review - words, images & opinions 100% my own

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