Tuesday 13 December 2016

Taking A Look At What 'Wicked Uncle' Has To Offer

One thing is for sure this year, "the big day" (Christmas if you couldn't guess) seems to be approaching at crazy, lightening fast speeds.

I feel unprepared, unorganised and am not ready at all...but what's new.

I do actually have a few gifts purchased now - but certainly not all of them - eek.

And I have to say, even with the minimal stash of gifts I am sorted with, it seems to have all been a bit of a hassle this year.

Usually - especially for the kiddies - I always have an idea at what I want to buy them, but my son has been so difficult to find things for this year - and even with less than two weeks to go, I'm still really rather flummoxed as to what he actually wants.

But I suppose it was always going to happen one day - he really is the boy who has everything.
(and him having his birthday in November is never going to help really is it)

There has certainly been a whole lot of thinking, a great deal of subtle (and then not-so-subtle) questions asked and I've searched and scoured what seems like every corner of the internet simply to come up with ideas.

But then, then I stumbled across a rather cool, stocked full of fabulousness online shop, the kind of place you just know you're going to find at least one thing you simply have to have - that place was Wicked Uncle.

Now Wicked Uncle have a whole range of fun, funky, quirky and cool gifts for both boys and girls of all ages.

Everything is set out within age, (suggested) gender and even "what they like" categories in a bid to make the, often very complicated, task of choosing the perfect gift be as easy as possible.

The Wicked Uncle team will even gift-wrap and send your chosen gift direct - compete with celebratory card - if desired.

What could be easier!

I loved browsing through all of the gifts and found that I was actually really spoilt for choice at what to pick for Charlie - should it be the ever useful, funky designed iPad cushion for his much loved You Tube time or maybe a very different, very fab looking glow-in-the-dark interactive t-shirt?

It was a tough call but in the end I homed in on his love of computer games and picked this, quite old school, mini arcade machine...

I really think he will love the quirkiness of this gift and the 240 multi-level games are sure to keep him busy on Christmas morning if nothing else.

It even has a teeny, tiny, mega cute, working joy stick.

~ I love it ~

Now obviously I have two children these days, so if I have something for Charlie then Willow needs to be treated too.

And as soon as I saw this soft, cute, monster bowling set I simply had to have it...

At the moment Willow is like a little sponge, absorbing every piece of information around her - she is a very inquisitive little thing and it's something I'm keen to encourage.

This toy is going to be perfect for her as it will help her hand-eye co-ordination and I know she will love the softness of the fuzzy monster skittles.

The bright colours are a plus too - I have a feeling the little monsters will be seen as teddies and they'll surely be getting a few cuddles from her.

I'm really glad that I discovered Wicked Uncle - I do know that the site is quite popular with people over on Twitter but until now I've never looked into them myself but now that I have I know I will be back.

The quality of the products is fab and they make perfect little Christmas (or birthday) gifts - just what you need for those last minute "what on earth can I buy them?" moments.

Let me know what Wicked Uncle has that appeals to you the most

* a voucher was provided as discount off of the total of the toys - I did pay my own cash towards them too - all words, images & thoughts 100% my own

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